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ORDINANCE NO' 252 THE WATER St7PPL� <br />MENT TO GE RND <br />11"G� O EL& GROVE VILX P EN <br />CE Rt7THORIZING T 0 WA <br />VIZI- IT_ <br />AN ORDI pETWEEN RE <br />CI esident and Board ° <br />ACRE e p <br />NO E US- ORDAINED by th r of Cook and <br />NOW THEREFORE. BE IT Counties <br />of Elk Grove Villager <br />o£ the Village has entered <br />Trustees as follows: village <br />the Village °f Elk Grove <br />Illinois 1982, with the <br />,.,page, That mber 31. <br />t° 1Der <br />ember <br />Agreement dated Water AgenoY <br />into a Water Supply CiPal Joint Actyon visy°n <br />thwest Suburban Muni me contains a pxO the City of <br />nt aC de <br />Nor That the Agree CaP itY °ural in <br />Sectx 2' wateY storage Water Allocations <br />encY to mayntaln of the daily State Customer. <br />the Ag than .25 Agency <br />of not less ryes and each to <br />a <br />Chica9° Neer Municipal' d that xe�lrement <br />effect for all t It }s desired to amen <br />That gallons, ter <br />Th million hall en <br />Se° not less than 1d Grove Village s the <br />fixed amount of That the Village of EgnPPly ,SYeement wyth <br />$ect n Amendment to the Water <br />the attaohed <br />d Village Clerk are <br />e president � attached <br />Agency the Vyllag and declare the <br />ect� n <br />That to execute <br />thorized and directed <br />lY Agrgemslat in full force and <br />hereby au Water Supp <br />Amendment to the That this ordinance d aPPx� al according to law. <br />e t o <br />its Passage an ABSENT <br />ect from and after 6 NAYS 1996. <br />e£f VOTE: AY$S of Dece 1996. <br />10th e <br />pA55Ec <br />D this 1�--�� day °f D <br />llitano <br />PROVED thys-J� DenniS J' GaPresident <br />village <br />ATTFST. <br />§mith <br />Patricia S Clerk <br />