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CHAPTER 11 <br />INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL REVITALIZATION COMMISSION <br />Section 2-11-1 - Commission Created/Purpose: There is <br />hereby established an Industrial/Commercial Revitaliza- <br />tion Commission of the Village of Elk Grove Village for <br />the purpose of overseeing the revitalization and con- <br />tinued vitality and growth of the commercial and indus- <br />trial establishments located in the Village of Elk Grove <br />Village. <br />Section 2-11-2 - Membership; Appointment; Term: The <br />Industrial/Commercial Revitalization Commission shall <br />consist of nine (9) members, one of whom shall be a <br />Village Trustee and each of whom shall be appointed by <br />the Village President with the consent of the Board of <br />Trustees for a term of four (4) years or such lesser <br />period of time in order that all appointments terminate <br />on April 30, 1997 and every four (4) years thereafter. <br />Section 2-11-3 - Qualifications: No person shall be <br />appointed to the Commission unless it is demonstrated <br />that they own property or are employed by a business, <br />located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the <br />Village. <br />Section 2-11-4 - Organization: <br />A. One of the nine (9) members shall be appointed Chair- <br />man by the Village President by and with the consent of <br />the Board of Trustees. <br />B. The Commission shall keep written records of its <br />proceedings, which shall be open at all times to public <br />inspection. <br />C. All members shall serve without compensation. <br />D. All meetings of the Industrial/Commercial Revitali- <br />zation Commission shall be held at the call of the Chair- <br />man and at such times as such Commission may determine. <br />All meetings conducted by it shall be open to the public. <br />-2- <br />