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EXHIBIT A <br />3-2-8: - MUNICIPAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS TAX <br />A. Definitions.) For the purpose of this Chapter, whenever any <br />of the following words, terms or definitions are used herein, <br />they shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section: <br />(1) "Village" means the Village of Elk Grove Village, <br />Illinois. <br />(2) "Department" means the Finance Department of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village. <br />(3) "Amount Paid" means the amount charged to the <br />taxpayer's service address in such municipality <br />regardless of where such amount is billed or paid. <br />(4) "Gross Charge" means the amount paid for the act or <br />privilege of originating or receiving <br />telecommunications in such municipality and for all <br />services rendered in connection therewith, valued in <br />money whether paid in money or otherwise, including <br />cash, credits, services and property of every kind or <br />nature, and shall be determined without any deduction <br />on account of the cost of such telecommunications, the <br />cost of the materials used, labor or service costs or <br />any other expense whatsoever. In case credit is <br />extended, the amount thereof shall be included only as <br />and when paid. However, "gross charge" shall not <br />include: <br />(a) Any amounts added to a purchaser's bill <br />because of a charge made pursuant to: (i) the tax <br />imposed by this Section, (ii) additional charges <br />added to purchaser's bill pursuant to Section 9- <br />222 of the Public Utilities Act, (iii) the tax <br />imposed by the Telecommunications Excise Tax Act, <br />or (iv) the tax imposed by Section 4251 of the <br />Internal Revenue Code; <br />(b) charges for a sent collect telecommunication <br />received outside of such municipality; <br />(c) charges for leased time on equipment or <br />charges for the storage of data or information or <br />subsequent retrieval or the processing of data or <br />information intended to change its form or <br />content. Such equipment includes, but is not <br />limited to, the use of calculators, computers, <br />1 <br />