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gpVE <br /> ��xCFpTrOlYAL co <br /> AGENDA <br /> REGULAR VILLAGE BOARD MEETING <br /> April 12, 2016 <br /> 7:00 PM <br /> 1.CALL TO ORDER <br /> 2.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> INVOCATION (DEACON LARRY SMITH,QUEEN OF THE ROSARY) <br /> 3.APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF MARCH 22, 2016 <br /> 4.MAYOR&BOARD OF TRUSTEES' REPORT <br /> S.ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANT: MARCH 31, 2016 $1,368,928.59 <br /> APRIL 12, 2016 $ 442,645.19 <br /> 6.CONSENT AGENDA <br /> a. Consideration to award a contract to SHI International of Somerset,NJ for the purchase of <br /> Cisco equipment upgrades in the amount of$20,699. <br /> (The Village's budget contains funding to upgrade the Cisco Core switch in our <br /> Administration data center. <br /> (This critical infrastructure equipment provides the centralized connectivity and Internet <br /> access for all Village Departments including those at remote locations. <br /> (The Village's cost from the recommended vendor reflects the lowest pricing of three <br /> vendors who provided quotes on the equipment upgrades. <br /> (Funds are available in the General Fund to cover this expense. <br /> (The Director of Information Technology recommends approval.) <br /> b. Consideration to award a professional services contract to TruePoint Solutions of Loomis, <br /> CA for programming and implementation of electronic document review capability for <br /> Accela Land Management software, in an amount not to exceed $24,900 from the General <br /> Fund. <br /> (The Department's long term technology plan includes the addition of electronic document <br /> review functionality. This addition will enable the Department to review, approve and <br /> issue simple permits with a new paperless process. <br /> (The proposal from TruePoint Solutions includes programming and implementation fees. <br /> (Adequate funds are budgeted in the General Fund. <br /> Page 1 of 7 <br />