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ORDINANCE NO. 1275 <br />AN ORDINANCE GRANTING A VARIATION <br />OF SECTION 5.1 OF THE ZONING ORDINANCE <br />TO THE EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK OF <br />CHICAGO, AS TRUSTEE, UNDER TRUST NO. <br />21338, TO PERMIT THE CONSTRUCTION OF <br />AN EIGHTY (80') FOOT, FOUR (4") INCH <br />HIGH STORAGE SILO (KARP) <br />WHEREAS, the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village, at a meeting duly called and held according to law, <br />considered the question of granting a variation of Section 5.1 of <br />the Zoning Ordinance as it relates to maximum height of buildings <br />in an I-2 Zoned District to permit the construction of an eighty (801) <br />foot, four (4") inch high storage silo, on property located at <br />1301 Estes Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and legally <br />described hereinafter; and <br />WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, after having considered the <br />recommendation of said Zoning Board of Appeals, find and believe it <br />to be in the best interests of the Village that such variation be <br />granted; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and <br />Board of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of <br />Cook and Du Page, Illinois, as follows: <br />Section 1: That there be granted a variation of Section <br />5.1 of the Zoning Ordinance as it pertains to the maximum height of <br />building structures in I-2 Zoned District to the Exchange National <br />Bank of Chicago, as Trustee, under Trust No. 21338, and Karp's <br />Elk Grove Realty, to permit the construction of an eighty (80') foot, <br />four (4") inch high storage silo on property located at 1301 Estes <br />Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and legally described as follows: <br />Lot 230 in Centex Industrial Park Unit 120, being a <br />Subdivision in the North 1/2 of Section 34, Township 41 <br />North, Range 11, East of the Third Principal Meridian, <br />in Cook County, Illinois; <br />and <br />The West 126.60 feet of Lot 105 as measured on the right <br />angles to the west line thereof in Centex Industrial Park, <br />Unit Number 74 being a Subdivision in Section 34, <br />Township 41 North, Range 11, East of the Third Principal <br />Meridian, in Cook County, Illinois. <br />