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ORDINANCE NO. 1362 <br />AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING TRANSFERS AMONG APPROPRIATIONS <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the President and Trustees of <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DUPage, Illinois: <br />Section 1. Pursuant to authority granted by the Statutes of the <br />State of Illinois, there is hereby transferred within departments of the <br />municipal government of the Village of Elk Grove Village the sums of <br />money hereinafter itemized which have heretofore been appropriated for <br />each of the respective corporate objects specified in and by the Annual <br />Appropriation Ordinance of the Village of Elk Grove Village, adopted <br />July 24, 1979, said transfers being from one object or purpose to another <br />object or purpose within the same department of municipal government, as <br />hereinafter itemized, it appearing and having been determined that such <br />respective transfers will not reduce the appropriation for any object or <br />purpose below an amount sufficient to cover all obligations incurred or <br />to be incurred against such appropriation. The respective sums of money <br />so transferred, together with the resulting adjustments and changes in <br />the appropriations, are the following: <br />ARTICLE I - GENERAL CORPORATE PURPOSES <br />Amount <br />Original Item <br />Transferred <br />Adjusted <br />Item <br />Appropriated <br />From <br />To <br />Appropriated <br />Section 2 Community Services <br />Office Supplies <br />$ <br />500 <br />$ <br />300 <br />$ <br />800 <br />Other Program Services <br />1,700 <br />$ <br />300 <br />1,400 <br />$ <br />2,200 <br />$ <br />300 <br />$ <br />300 <br />$ <br />2,200 <br />Section 8 Health Services <br />Part Time Wages -Senior Clerk <br />(1)$ <br />9,000 <br />$ <br />4,050 <br />$ <br />4,950 <br />Housing Maint. Code Grant <br />- <br />$ <br />4,000 <br />4,000 <br />IBM Typewriter - Replacement <br />800 <br />50 <br />850 <br />$ <br />9,800 <br />$ <br />4,050 <br />$ <br />4,050 <br />$ <br />9,800 <br />Section 9 Village Clerk <br />Office Supplies <br />$ <br />800 <br />$ <br />200 <br />$ <br />1,000 <br />Postage <br />2,000 <br />200 <br />2,200 <br />Copying Cost <br />4,500 <br />$ <br />450 <br />4,050 <br />Office Equipment Service <br />Agreements <br />200 <br />50 <br />250 <br />$ <br />7,500 <br />$ <br />450 <br />$ <br />450 <br />$ <br />7,500 <br />