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Section 4: That Paragraph A of Section 12.003, Permitted Signs, <br />of Chapter 12 of the Municipal Code of the Village of Elk Grove Village <br />be amended to read as follows: <br />A - Signs in Residential and Office - Transitional Use <br />Districts. <br />In residential and office - transitional use districts no <br />signs shall be erected except the following non -flashing <br />signs and, with the exception of those signs permitted in <br />Paragraph 5 below, non -illuminated signs; <br />1. A name sign identifying the owner or occupant of a <br />building or dwelling unit provided the service area <br />does not exceed 2 square feet. <br />2. A sign pertaining to the lease or sale of a building <br />or property provided such signs shall not exceed 10 <br />square feet in surface area. If more than one sign is <br />erected, the combined areas of all signs shall not ex- <br />ceed 10 square feet. <br />3. Temporary signs as permitted. in Section 12.004, <br />(L) of this Article. <br />4. One sign only identifying an engineer, architect or <br />contractor engaged in the construction of a building, <br />provided such sign shall not exceed 32 square feet in <br />surface area, is no more than 10 feet or less than 3 <br />feet above ground and is removed within 30 days following <br />occupancy of the building. <br />5. One identification sign, not to exceed 45 square <br />feet area, for the following uses: <br />Church, Library, Recreation Building, School, <br />Hospital and Home for Aged or similar Institu- <br />tions and those uses permitted in Zoning Ordinance <br />No. 842, Section 5.7, Office - Transitional District, <br />except those uses listed in Section 5.72, Paragraph <br />A. Such signs shall be solely for the purpose of <br />displaying the name of the institution and/or its <br />activities or service and may be illuminated. <br />2 <br />