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Oltl?:LN�Ir]C'li T.O. <br />AN A SPECIAL USE PERMIT <br />TO Ll`iT a :P&23 O" `Ilii ',t;a A OLS'\T AND PItl1I NCTIVE <br />ORDER (W EI:M 00 CONDETV 4 LODGE .."'D RECREATIONAL <br />Ci.N'7: M ON PE 'L.:'IY tMATO AT 10 GORDON STU ,T <br />the 31 -an Cornin5iou of th? Vi.1J_a_o of Elk Grove <br />VUla_o, ucCinq ar D zoning cconinsion, Qonduct'.cd , public h-aring <br />to consider hu quun'h;on O! qrc ting an ontunhlon uF a spown use <br />p ymit: to Lodge $;2423 of the PM ProtcMvc Order of <br />Riku for the purpose of using t.ho hr::1.1isus at 115 Gordon Street, <br />as a lodge and recreational cantor; and <br />WHEREAS, the President and board of Trustees oi`_ the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village, hnvinq consinered the rocommendation of said <br />Plan. Commission, finO and hel.icv it: to he in the best: interests of <br />the village shoe: such Kpocial use pervt to exterCad; <br />Now, TI'1'1,PI:PORP;o BE' IT ORD;'lINE'D, by the' President and }gourd of <br />Tr.u,teas c:- the Village of EM Grove Village, Counties of Cook and <br />DuPaye, Illinois, as oll.ows: <br />SocLi-on 1: That the spacial use permit previously granted <br />to Lodge tQ423 of the Rcnevolcnt and Pretcctive Order of Mks, by <br />Oi u.i-n�iuue No. 775 and later extended fed bV Ordinance No. 814, be furthei- <br />extorted in accordannco with sa nion 5.135 of the Zoning Ordinance of <br />tho Vi1.1ngo of Elk Ca ove Vi ll y (Ordinn ice No. 502) to permit the <br />uhn ok a IuKye and recreational center on property located at 115 <br />Gordon Stropn, Elk Groves, Ill. sobject to the following <br />conditions: <br />A. Tiiat parking Por 92 vsi}aiCl es after 5:00 P.M, on <br />WOC'kcday::, saur,, sunainvs and holidays he <br />prow dud, and &MLjonal parking ars may, on <br />O'CO:;WH ly, 1-c.wtit-.1 X51 tho chic' Ui 1703-1r,,. <br />