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1`l OH?i.'.'l;.'li <br />AMENDIEV <br />S:CT10K 22„1111. <br />01' 'Ml: 11(i{;_ft`fJ' <br />,[ 6�n�;:. <br />OF THE VILLAGE <br />Oi' <br />l"1LL `,"a: <br />70 PROV I TF <br />FOR Ai4 <br />I N'EEASA 14 <br />THE C']A K? <br />h VOR TilXT <br />CAB <br />S ill M: <br />4I7ERcLAS; the President ano Bo:(rd of Trustees of the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village, acting as a public vehicle commission, conducted <br />a public hearing on a petition to increase the rates for taxi cab <br />service within the Village; and <br />WHERNAV, the continuance o -t taxa call service is a necessary <br />bennfiL to the Village, and there being no objection to such in- <br />crcar;e mace at said hearing; arra <br />1Qrlr'Ti�'J'.(3, the Y.renident and Board of Trustees of the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village ;cel that such a rate adjustment is in the best <br />interests of the Vilaane; <br />NOWT TH7TIEFORE, BL IT ORDAINED, by the Presi-d'-nt and Board of <br />Trustees of the Village of Elk Orove Village, Counties of Cook and <br />DuPage, Illinois, as follows. <br />Section_I- That that portion of Scction 22.1111 reading as <br />follows: <br />"The charge for taxi cab service shall not exceed ;.45 <br />for. the First. 2/5 malt, or povVion theroof, and JOf <br />for each mile succeed-inq 116 mile, or fraction thereof," <br />shr.l_.1. )e anicnded to read <br />I9,O ch., -ow Any La..i ns,l, :,ervirt' shn:L:L not exceed $.55 <br />fof the fiirst 2%5 m11a or portion thereof, and 109 for <br />cacti mile. „;uccondin'I 1_/7 mile or fracLion thereof." <br />Section 2: '.Phut this oiMin nca shall _ he in full force and <br />0[trot: Linn and aftux .iLA OqO, appynval. and publication, accorUn,, <br />t_,_ low. <br />