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I <br />ORDINANCE NO. 847 <br />AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO THE RELIABLE SHEET METAL COMPANY AT 550 BENNETT <br />ROM, AND APPROVING A SPECIAL (PARKING) LOCATION PLAN PURSUANT TO SECTION <br />3.93 OF THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE <br />WHEREAS, the American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago, <br />as Trustee under Trust No. 24464, is the record title owner of the <br />premises described as Parcel 1 and Parcel 2, legal descriptions of <br />which are attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein; and <br />WHEREAS, said record owner and beneficiaries of said trust desire <br />to add to an existing building to be located on. Parcel 1 in such manner <br />as to make compliance with the Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village relating to parking impossible due to the extent of the <br />building coverage, and <br />WHEREAS, to satisfy the parking requirements of the.Village and <br />to permit the building addition referred to above, the record owner <br />has acquired Parcel 2, which it desires to be treated together with <br />Parcel 1 as one parcel of property so as to comply with zoning and <br />land use requirements of the Village. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the President and Board of <br />Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook and DuPage Counties, <br />as follows: <br />Section 1: That the real estate described as Parcel I and <br />Parcel 2, legal descriptions of which are attached hereto and in- <br />corporated herein, be and are hereby treated henceforth as one parcel <br />of property so as to satisfy the land use and zoning requirements of <br />the Village relative to parking. <br />Section 2: That the record owner shall cause an agreement <br />and plat of subdivision marked Exhibit B and C to this ordinance, copies <br />of which are on file with the Village Clerk and have been duly recorded <br />with the Recorder of Deeds of Cook County, Illinois, to be executed to <br />further the purposes of this ordinance. <br />- I - <br />