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Section 3: That the President and Board of Trustees do <br />approve a parking plan, the detail of which is to be submitted by <br />the record owner for the above described premises provided said <br />plan shall: <br />A. Mmyide a minimum of 45 parking spaces on Parcel 2, each <br />space_ to be not less than 10' x 20'. and having an access to an <br />aisleway for ingress and egress, and maintain 8 parking spaces on <br />Parml 1. <br />2. Provide parking on Parcel 2 solely for operable motor <br />passenger vehicles owned and/or leased by the business firm located <br />at 550 Bennett Street, Elk Grove Village, or its employees. No <br />trmcks, trailers or tractors shall be parked or stored thereon. <br />3. The parking area shall be improved as per plan designated <br />below as a condition to use. <br />Plan for the parking lot area shall include: <br />(a) Adequate provision for underground storm water drainage <br />system approved by the Village Engineer; <br />(b) Provided with a concrete or asphalt surface; <br />(c) A concrete apron be placed upon public property in the <br />manner approved by the Village Engineer; <br />(d) A concrete sidewalk be placed on public property to afford <br />proper pedestrian traffic; <br />(e) Wheel stops be provided for each parking space; <br />(f) Low intensity, non -glare lighting be placed upon the lot <br />as approved by the Village Engineer; <br />(g) No parking shall be permitted on any easement or within 25' <br />of the front yard line. Landscaping with pervious material <br />shall be made to the public property in front of Parcel 2. <br />4. Parcel 2 is to be used exclusively for parking in the manner <br />provided and is not to be built upon with buildings or structures other <br />than 'fencing. <br />Se ction 4: That for the purpose of instrumenting the Elk <br />Grove Village zoning ordinance, the record owners have executed an <br />- 2 - <br />