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ORDINANCE NO. <br />AN ORDINANCE REPEALING ORDINANCE NO, 793 <br />PASSED APRIL 4, 1972, RELATING TO PARCEL <br />"C" P.U_D„ <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the President and Board <br />of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of <br />Cook and DuPage, as follows: <br />Section 1: That Ordinance No. 793, entitled, "AN <br />ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE, AS AMENDED, RELATING TO <br />PARCEL C OF THE PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT", passed April 4, 1972, <br />is hereby repealed. <br />Section 2: That this ordinance shall be in full force <br />and effect, from and after its passage, and approval, according <br />to law. <br />PASSED this 25th day of April , 1972. <br />APPROVED this 25thday of April , 1972. <br />Vote: Ayes 6 Nays 0 Absent 0 <br />Charles J. Zettek <br />Village President <br />ATTEST: <br />Richard A. Mc6renera <br />Village Clerk <br />