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or the discharge of sanitary sewage. <br />(e) Completion of Storm Sewer System - The construction of the <br />proposed storm sewer system shall be completed before the sanitary <br />sewer system is put in service. When compliance with this require- <br />ment may cause undue hardship to the Permittee, the Permittee shall <br />so notify the Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago, and <br />this requirement may be waived, if conditions warrant and said dis- <br />trict shall approve. <br />22-A-803 - The above provisions shall take precedence <br />when they are in conflict with existing Village ordinances or <br />sections of the Building Ordinance. <br />22-A-804 - PENALTY Any person, firm or corporation <br />violating any provision of this article shall be fined not less <br />than $1.00 nor more than $200, for each offense, and a separate <br />offense shall be deemed committed on each day during or on which <br />a violation occurs or continues. <br />1971 <br />PASSED AND APPROVED this <br />Vote: Ayes 5 <br />Nays 0 <br />Absent 1. <br />ATTEST: j Village Pref <br />Village Clerk <br />nth day of <br />Published this 17th day of 11�,rch <br />Elk Grove Hereld and the Wood Dale County Register. <br />ident <br />rch <br />, 1971, in the <br />