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ORDINANCE NO. 743 <br />AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING CONDITIONS FOR INSTALLATION, OPERATION, MAINTENANCE <br />AND REMOVAL OF TEMPORARY SANITARY SEWAGE FACILITIES IN JOINT ACTION WITH THE <br />METROPOLITAN SANITARY DISTRICT OF GREATER CHICAGO. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, State of Illinois, <br />as follows: <br />Section 1: The Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago did on <br />October 8, 1970 agree to participate with the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village in a cooperative project to construct a pumping <br />station at a cost not to exceed $45,000 subject to the passage <br />of an Ordinance by the Village containing the conditions embodied <br />in Section 3, below. <br />Section 2: The Village of Ell, Grove Village agrees to participate in a <br />cooperative project with the Sanitary District and to accept <br />its reimbursement of up to $45,000 toward the cost of const- <br />ructing a sanitary sewage pumping station to serve an area <br />west of Illinois Route 53 pursuant to the conditions enumerated <br />in Section 3, below. <br />Section 3: The Village of Elk Grove Village.... <br />A. Will be permitted to expand and use an existing M.S.D. wet <br />well and furnish and install therein such pumps, controls, <br />valves and piping pursuant to engineering plans 4500-4, <br />prepared by Elk Grove Engineering Company, and entitled <br />"Temporary Lift Station" approved by the M.S.D.; <br />B. Will construct and maintain a local sanitary sewer system <br />to connect to and make maximum use of the pumping station; <br />C. Will construct and maintain a forcemain outlet with adequate <br />capacity for the pumping station discharge to the closest <br />M.S.D. interceptor; <br />D. Will operate and maintain the pumping station as part of <br />their local system during the temporary life of the station; <br />E. Agrees that the time limit for the life of the station will <br />be coincidental with the M.S.D. completion for operations of <br />the Upper Salt Creek permanent treatment plant and the #10 <br />MSD Interceptor line; <br />F. Will remove the temporary facilities upon completion of the <br />permanent M.S.D. facilities. <br />G. Agrees to remove the pumps, controls, and gas fired generator <br />upon completion of the permanent M.S.D. facilities and to <br />deliver them to the M.S.D. North Side Treatment Plant. <br />H. Will apply for Sanitary District Sewage permits for the const- <br />ruction of the local system, including the pumping station and <br />forcemain including securing temporary easements on M.S.D. <br />property running with the term of the temporary sanitary facil- <br />ities as defined in item "E" above. <br />I. The cost of actual construction for revisions to existing M.S.D. <br />pumping facilitywill be reimbursed by the M.S.D. in an amount <br />not to exceed $45,000. The bid price shall be determined by <br />public advertising and the bids shall be opened publicly. <br />Notice of such procccdin^c shill be g.ivcn to the M.S.D. in advance. <br />Award of tLc crn tc^ct rhal.t be :nT)iect to raview and at:,Proval of <br />M.S.D. prior to the award of contract. <br />