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AN UK»1:UCJC' j:;TA_.'.7:-�Nl ;S ; U1 TIL'.' POLICL DII'AP. !.T <br />OF THE I%i7.lviGl; 01' CI,Y. F' oV1i VILLP_GP <br />IPCtd, TL7 r.,;;EFOk:E, P,li IT ORD.,17%]7n bq tho Presid,^nt and Po^rd oP Trustr,es <br />of tiic village of 1'lk Grove Village, counties of Cook ar_d DnPa,le, Illinois: <br />Sr— l.. <br />That the <br />,salaries <br />for Sergeants, <br />PaLiu lmej and <br />Ccdets <br />of Lic Police Del rtmcrnt of the Villaue <br />of Rlk Grove <br />Village <br />shall be <br />and ar^ hereby estab.Zished as <br />follcras <br />Police <br />Police Police <br />Length of Service <br />Licutenant <br />S'ergoant Patrolman cadet Pay <br />in EIA Grove Villaue <br />Per <br />Month <br />Per h:onth Per. Month Per Month Step <br />Less than one year_ Police <br />experience in rant. $1,096 $ 995 $ 819 $538 A <br />One year but less than <br />two years police <br />experienoe .in rank 1,192 1,082 890 565 L <br />Two years but less than <br />three years ]X) -Ll cc <br />experlcnce in rank 1,295 1,17E 968 593 C <br />Three years but less than <br />four years malice <br />experiorce in rank 1,052 623 U <br />Four years but less than <br />f.iv years d ice <br />expori.anew in rants 654 ); <br />Five I7Cars c::peri once <br />in rank 687 F <br />Roference to "Length of Service" is applicable only to Patrolman and Police Cadet. <br />No peroon presently employed st,ail recc--iv°e Lwo (2) erl-erience pay increases <br />within one rank in any twelve (12) month period except upon specific,,izatinn <br />by the President. and Boord of T.rustne.c. <br />Sect_ion_2 7 new patrolman may b2 hired in P�y step Is if he <br />has t.wo (2) or mo.rc years of prior police_, or equivalent, <br />cxper_ieuce _?nd only in .instances when, in the judgment of the <br />circ and Police Commission, a candidate is exceptionally well <br />q-sill.i:fie:d . <br />Section [within Len (10) days from passage of this Ordinance, <br />or at the time of hiring a new ,x)liroman, the Fire and Police <br />Comnu_ssion of the Vi.1.lane sha1l ascertain and verity a r-oZice- <br />man':; prior lolico crpr.rience, if any. Folice experience shall <br />