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AN ORI EITANCE 11M MX'C1 G PROPER'.(.'r TO T7)£, VILLAGE <br />OB iJLK GROVL; Vl_hI:.e;U% TOCATi`D A'" 'PI:E IdOl;TE'iwt;S'C <br />CORrft??: 0"' a.?0JT,'7L ST]',E; T AND C22F'ST AVErJoE1. <br />WHEREAS, written putihions have been filed with the <br />Village Clerk of the Village of Elk Grove Village by Arthur G. <br />Nelles and Eleanor. DP Nelles, being the sole owrers of record of the <br />hereinafter dencrihodland and territory for annexation to the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village; and <br />WMERCAS, said MY4 and territory is not: within the <br />corporate limits of any municipality but is contigo.ous to the Village <br />of r'1k Grove Village, and has two electors namely, ArtburG. Nelles <br />and Manor D. Nelles, who as electors have joined in the petition; <br />and. <br />WHEREAS, said petitions are under oath and in all. <br />respects comply with the requirements of the Statutes in such <br />cases made and provided; and <br />WHERRIB, The 'Trustees of the appropriate fire protection <br />district have been notified in accordance with the Statutes, of the <br />intent of the Village to annex the property; and <br />WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village. of Elk Crove Village, Counties of Cook and Dnpago, Illinois, <br />have examined said petitions and believe it to be to the best: i.ntorest <br />of said Village that said land and territory be annexed thereto; <br />NOW THERRFORE, BE IT ORDATNED, by the President and Board <br />of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of. Cook <br />and DuPage, Illinois: <br />Section_ 1. That all land and territory described in <br />said petition towit;� <br />Lot 96 in Branigar's Forest View homesites, <br />being a subdivision of part- of Section 28, <br />Township 41 North, Range 11 East of the Third <br />Principal Meri.diar, in Cook County, Illinois; <br />also the North one-half (1%2) of Laurel. Street <br />which territory is contiguous to the Village of Elk Grove Village, is <br />not within the limits of any municipality, contains two electors and <br />is not presently in any incorporated municipality, be and the snTe is <br />hereby annexed to the Village of Elk Grove Village, so that he.reofter <br />said territory shall be included within the boundary lines and linitis <br />of said village, as is by law in such case made and provided. <br />