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ORDINANCE NO. �Tfj <br />AN ORDINANCE REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 586 <br />AND ABATING TAXES <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village did <br />December 17, 1968 pass and adopt Ordinance No. 586, an <br />ordinance providing for the borrowing of money and the <br />issuing of bonds by the Village of Elk Grove Village, in. <br />amount of $2.90,000.00 for fire stations, which o dinance <br />in effect, levy taxes to pay the principal and interest <br />the <br />dces, <br />n said <br />bonds and direct the County Clerk to extend said taxes upon <br />its books and records so that they may be collected, and <br />WHEREAS, a certified copy of said ordinance was duly <br />filed with the County Clerk of Cook County and Du Page County, <br />Illinois, so that the tax levy could be extended and the ta,c�s <br />so collected, and <br />WHEREAS, the Village deems it advisable. to dele,y <br />construction of the improvements contemplated by said Ordi_.,ance <br />No. 586 and delay the issuance of bonds to pay for said im- <br />provements, and <br />WHEREAS, it is deemed to the public interest that the <br />taxes levied and arranged for collection. by Ordinance No. 536 <br />be abated. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and <br />Board of Trustees, Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of <br />Cook and Du Page, Illinois. <br />Section 1: That Ordinance No. 586 entitled "An <br />Ordinance providing for the borrowing of money and issuing of <br />bonds by the Village of Elk Grove Village, in the amount of <br />$290,000.00 for fire stations" be and is hereby repealed. <br />Section_ 2: That the County Clerk of cook County and <br />the County Clerk of Du Page County, Illinois are hereby authorized <br />and directed to abate the taxes levied by said Ordinance No. 566 <br />for the years and amounts as set forth below, which are as pro- <br />vided by Ordinance No. 586. <br />Year Amount Levied <br />1968 $35,300.00 <br />1969 $41,500.00 <br />-1- <br />