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of Bennett Road in said Section 21 and a line 45 <br />feet easterly, as measu—A at right angles, and <br />parallel with the weste-, line o,F said lots 3 and 4 <br />aforesaid, (sai- i-str 'y isie being the center line <br />of Arlington L,- zt.s- :�A) ; -henr easterly along tl. <br />southerly line oL be ...,tt k.,ad. -.5 Feet; th <br />south along a line forming a.i :.a ):' 830-09' <br />from east to south with sa_ lnc cf B� n:, <br />Road, a distance of 705.18 said last desc,—'.')ed <br />line being a line 460.00 feet of and parallel with <br />the west line of Kelly Street); Thence west at right <br />angles to the last described line, 469.44 feet to said <br />line 45 feet easterly of and parallel to the westerly <br />line of lots 3 and 4; thence -ortherly along said <br />parallel line, 771.73 feet to the place of beginning, <br />in Cook County, Illinois. <br />Section 2. That said real estate as reclassified shall <br />be subject to all the limitations an:'. conditions placed upon <br />properties in the B-1 (Business) C3;-- _ �-lt,:ion. <br />Section 3. Th. i_ any person. Farm �.y corporation who <br />violates, disobeys, omits, neglects or refu:,-:- 11--i comply wit - <br />or who resists the enforcement of any r:f tr:� (,visions of <br />this ordinance shall be fined not more t. x. Jne ?_�ndred ($100) <br />Dollars for each offense, and each day that a violation is <br />permitted to exist shall contstitute a separatEO offence. <br />Section 4. That this ordinance shall be in full force <br />and effect from and after 4S passage,, approval and publication, <br />according to -law. <br />PASSED this ; day of %7d c- , 1968. <br />r- l� <br />APPROVED this•day of , 1968. <br />i <br />Pre ident <br />Attest: <br />Vi lage Clerk " <br />Published this day of 1968 <br />in the Elk Grove Herald and Du Page County Register. <br />a <br />