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ORDINANCE NO. 465 <br />AN ORDINANCE GRANTING A SPECIAL USE PERMIT <br />FOR AN INDUSTRIAL MEDICAL CLINIC AND OFFICES <br />ON PROPERTY WHICH IS THE SUBJECT OF A PRE- <br />ANNEXATION AGREEMENT AUTHORIZED BY RESOLUTION <br />NO. <br />WHEREAS, the Plan Commission of the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village, sitting as a Zoning Commission at a public meeting <br />duly called and held according to law (Appeal No. 67_1 ), con- <br />sidered the question of granting a Special Use Permit to permit <br />an industrial medical clinic and offices on property legally des- <br />cribed on Exhibit "A" attached, and <br />WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village have heretofore considered this <br />matter as part of a pre -annexation agreement with the owners, <br />which pre -annexation agreement was duly authorized by Resolution <br />No. 12-67 , adopted by the President and Board of Trustees. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and <br />Board of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties <br />of Cook and Du Page, Illinois: <br />Section 1: That the Zoning Ordinance of the Village <br />of Elk Grove Village as amended to date hereof be further amended <br />so as to permit a special use permit for an'industrial . <br />medical clinic and office on property legally described as Parcel 3 <br />on Exhibit "A" attached. <br />Section 2: That any person firm or corporation who <br />violates, disobeys, omits, neglects or refuses to comply with or <br />resists the enforcement of any provision of this ordinance shall be <br />fined not more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars for each offense <br />and each day that a violation is permitted to exist shall constitute <br />a separate offense. <br />Section 3: That except for the permitting of the desig- <br />nated use authorized by the special use permit provided for above, <br />all provisions of the Zoning Ordinance as applicable to the afore- <br />mentioned and described land shall pertain and shall govern. <br />Section 4: This ordinance shall be in full force and <br />effect from and after its passage and approval and publication <br />according to law. <br />PASSED and APPROVED this 11th day of April, 1967. <br />Jack D. Pahl <br />ATTEST: Jack D. Pahl, President <br />Eleanor G. Turner <br />Eleanor b. Turner, Village Clerk <br />Published this 19th day of April 1967, in the Elk <br />Grove Herald and Du Page County Register. <br />