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ORDINANCE No. 410 <br />AN ORDINANCE REINSTATiN¢„YHE FSR37_8Ef Nd $ULE <br />NOW, THE'REYORE, be it ordained by the President and <br />Board of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, <br />Counties of Cook and Du Page, Illinois: <br />Section 1. The municipal code of Elk Grove Village <br />be and it is hereby amended by adding thereto the following: <br />"2.212 No ordinance shall be passed without a first <br />reading of same at a meeting preceding the meeting <br />at which said ordinance is presented for passage. <br />It is understood that this rule may be suspended <br />by a specific vote of a majority of the Board <br />of Trustees in attendance at the meeting.” <br />Section 2. This ordinance shall be in full force and <br />effect from and after its passage and approval according to <br />law. <br />PASSED and APPROVED this 12th day of October, 1965. <br />Jack D. Pahl <br />President <br />Attest: <br />Eleanor G. Turner <br />Village Clerk <br />