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ORDINANCE NO. U <br />AN ORDINANCE ESUBLISHING SP.LARIES FOR THE FIRE <br />DEPARTMENT OF THR VILLAGE OF ´┐ŻELK GROVFa VILLAGE <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, Illinolst <br />Section 1. That the salaries for firemen of the Village of Elk Grove <br />Village shall be and hereby established to be as follows: <br />$6000 per annum <br />- for a fireman with less than one year exper- <br />lence. <br />$6,250 <br />per annum <br />for a <br />fireman with one year but less than <br />two years experience, <br />$6,500 <br />per annum <br />- for a <br />fireman with two years but less than <br />three <br />years experience. <br />$6,750 <br />per annum <br />- for a <br />fireman with over three years exper- <br />ience. <br />$7,000 <br />per annum <br />- for a <br />fireman with over three years exper- <br />ience, <br />based upon merit and upon recommend- <br />ation <br />of the Fire Chief and the approval <br />of the <br />Village Manager. <br />Experience as used herein shall include services as a fireman with any <br />Municipal regular or Paid -on-call Frre Department except that only one year <br />of credit shall be given for every two years of service with Paid -on-call <br />Fire Departments. <br />Section.2. Within ten (10) days from passage of this ordinance or at <br />the time of hiring a new fireman the Police and Fire Commission of the Viilage <br />shall ascertain and verify a firemarr's prior experience if any. Experience <br />shall be computed to the nearest month. Periods of less than fifteen (15) <br />days shall be disregarded. Periods of more than (15) days shall be computed <br />as a full months experience. Upon ascertainment of a fire%an's experience <br />the Secretary of the Police and Fire Commission shall transmit to the Village <br />Treasurer the following information: <br />A - The name of the fireman. <br />B - The effective date of employment with the Village of Elk <br />Grove Vi'llage's Fire Department. <br />C - Prior experience expressed in months. <br />Duplicate copies of the foregoing shall be sent to the Fire Chief, the <br />Village Manager and the Village Clerk. <br />