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re. 418 <br />,IT CRrII' P'C ' 1 WVIDII?G FOr, LISE <br />LCSIM FCU75 FCR C1177rIP? T,',v Rh5. <br />yc'I , TH'REFC^ , --T Cn ;'IP? ^, by the .'resident and Board <br />of trustees of the Village of 1k Grove Village' Counties of <br />Cook pnd Du Fage. <br />!�L•ticn 1. That Section 20.008 of the Municipal Code of <br />Elk Grove Village be and is hereby amended by adding thereto the <br />fofloving: <br />"Class AA licenses which shall Authorize the sale of <br />alrholic liquor for consumption only on the 1 -remises <br />sr,ecified as provided in S ction 20.001 and such additional <br />time as may permit the licensee to operate until 4:00 A.7. <br />on Monday thru Saturday inclusive of each week and until <br />5:00 Sundays and January 1 of each year, additional fee <br />:;250," <br />Section 2. Section 20.009 of the Hunicipal Code of Elk <br />Grove Village is hereby amended by adding thereto the following <br />language: <br />`In addition to the foregoing the Village President may issue <br />u»on a*plication and payuent of the additional fee provided <br />a Class AA liouor license to any holder of a Class A liquor <br />license when he in his sole discretion deems it advisable <br />and to the best interest of the Village to so do. <br />Section 3. Section 2.0.012 of the r;unicipal Cole of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village is hereby amended by adding thereto <br />the fo1lOVing 1pnguage: <br />"The foregoing shall apply to holders of Class PA license <br />except in addition to the foregoing sai% holders eta.l have <br />the ri- ht to kecp thsix j; remises open until 4:00 <br />Monday thru Saturday inclusive and until 5:00 A.II. on <br />Sund,,,s and January 1, of each year." <br />