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Section 3._ Plat Requirements. <br />A. Purpose. The purpose of the plat is to designate with <br />particularity the building site, the land to remain as open space, the <br />land to be used for parking and accessory uses so as to assure both <br />the village and future owners of the orderly development of land in <br />compliance with a plan and Village ordinances. <br />B. Specific requirements to be shown on the plat. <br />(1) Such information as is necessary to satisfy the <br />requirements of the Subdivision Control Ordinances of the <br />Village as well as the Plat Act of the State of Illinois. <br />(2) Specific designation of the land to be used for <br />building sites, parking areas, open space areas as well as <br />accessory uses. <br />(3) The height and bulk of all structures. <br />(4) Such language of restriction, dedication and <br />covenant as are deemed necessary to assure compliance with <br />all subdivision control regulations as well as to guarantee <br />compliance with the plan as submitted. <br />(5) No more than 35% of the ground area shown on the <br />plat shall be permitted for building site purposes. All <br />structures shall be required to be lodated on a building site. <br />The balance shall remain for open space, parking, public right <br />of ways and the like. <br />(6) The developer, on the plat, shall provide for a <br />minimum of 1 1/2 car off street parking for each apartment. <br />C. Procedure for Approval of Plat. The procedures <br />provided in the Subdivision Control Ordinance of the Village shall be <br />followed in the submittal and approval of the plats provided for <br />herein. Final plats shall, upon approval, be filed with the Village <br />Clerk and recorded with the County Recorder of Deeds in the County <br />wherein said land is located. <br />D. No building, public improvement nor occupancy permit <br />shall be issued until a final plat in compliance herewith, for the <br />area within which the permit has been approved by the Village. <br />Section 4. Height Regulation. No building shall exceed three <br />stories nor 35 feet in height except as provided in Articles XV and <br />XVI hereof. <br />- 2 - <br />