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14.906 TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP.) Upon the sale or other transfer of a <br />licensed bicycle, the licensee shall remove the license plate or sticker <br />and may, upon proper application, but without payment of additional fee, <br />have said plate assigned to another bicycle owned by the applicant. <br />14.907 BICYCLE DEALERS.) Every person engaged in the business of buying <br />or selling new or second-hand bicycles shall make a report to the Chief of <br />Police of every bicycle purchased or sold by such dealer giving the name and <br />address of the person from whom purchased or to whom sold, a description of <br />such bicycle by name or make, the frame number, and the number of the license <br />plate or sticker if any, found thereon, and, in case of a second-hand bicycle, <br />the serial number of the Village stamped on the frame. <br />14.908 SAFETY EQUIPMENT.) (a) Light. It shall be unlawful to operate a <br />bicycle on any street or sidewalk during the period from one-half hour <br />after sunset to sunrise, which bicycle is not equipped with at least one <br />lighted lamp firmly secured to the front mudguard or handlebars of the <br />bicycle showing a white light visible at least five hundred (500) feet in <br />the direction toward which the bicycle is proceeding and at least one <br />lighted lamp showing a red light visible at least five hundred (500) feet <br />in the opposite direction. (b) Signalling Devices. It shall be unlawful <br />to operate a bicycle on any street, sidewalk, or other public place, which <br />bicycle is not equipped with a signalling device in good working order and <br />audible at a distance of not less than one hundred (100) feet when sounded, <br />except that no bicycle may be egiApped with or make use of any gong, siren, <br />or mechanical whistle. (c) Brakes. Every bicycle shall be equipped with <br />a brake adequate to control the movement of and to stop such bicycle when- <br />ever necessary. Such brake or brakes shall be maintained in good working <br />order at all times. (d) Requirement of License. No license plate or <br />sticker will be issued for any bicycle which does not meet the above safety <br />equipment requirements, except that if a bicycle is not to be operated after <br />dark and a signed note to this effect by the bicycle owner or, if the owner <br />is a minor, by his parent or guardian, is placed on file with the Chief of <br />Police; then the requirement concerning lights is waived. It is further <br />required that to be eligible for a license, a bicycle must meet these addi- <br />tional safety standards: (A) Tight handle grips, (B) Adjusted and tight <br />seat, (C) Good pedals and pedal action, (D) Proper chain slack (one inch), <br />and safe chain condition, (E) Adjusted and tight handle bars, (F) Tight wheel <br />cones --wheels must not wobble, (G) No broken spokes, and (H) Good properly <br />inflated tires. <br />14.909 RIDER'S PERMIT REQUIRED.) No person who resides within this Village <br />shall ride or propel a bicycle on any street or upon any public path set <br />aside for the exclusive use of bicycles, unless such rider has been issued <br />a rider's permit as provided herein. <br />14.910 RIDER'S PERMIT ISSUANCE.) A permanent Rider's Permit will be issued <br />by the Chief of Police or his designated agent to any person demonstrating <br />(a) an adequate knowledge of the Laws of this Village relating to safe <br />- 2 - <br />