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ORDINANCE N0. iff <br />AN ORDINANCE A1', L�TDINTG SECTION 13.102 OF THE <br />MUNICIPAL CODE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE BY ADOPTING <br />TrE SUBURBAY BU%LD=X,' OI+'21MUS CONEE2,.MTCE <br />BUILDI\TG CODE Ii:AKCH 1964 EDITIOT_7 AS ATu,'ITDXI) I13:NI,3Y <br />NOVI, TH= ORE, BE IT ORDALTED by the President and <br />Hoard of Trustees of the VillaTe of Elk Grove Village, <br />Counties of Cook and Duva',ce, Illinois: <br />Section 1.. That Section 13.102 of the ETunicipal. Code <br />of the7llage of El.k Grove Village be and is hereby amended <br />to read as follows: <br />"1.3,102 ADOYTION OTi' REGU ATIGPdS. The provisions of <br />the Suburban Building Officials Conference Build. -Ln Code <br />1,1arch 1964 Edition as amended by Section 13.41Mas roll <br />as the provisions of the 1960 Edition of the Basic <br />Bail.ding Code recommended by the Building Officials <br />Conference of lunerica except insofar as the former shall <br />contradict the latter, are hereby adopted as the regiil.a- <br />tions Governing the construction of buildinrvs and other <br />structures in the village; and it shall. be unlawful. to <br />erect or construct any building or structure in the <br />village in violation of, or without compliance with thcae <br />regulations." <br />Section 2. There is hereby added to Article I Chapter 1'3 <br />ofthe P+unicipal Code of Elk Grove Village the following: <br />"13.102A. The Suburban Building Officials Conference <br />Building Code Ia?arch 1964 Edition as adopted by the Villa::, <br />of Elk Grove Village, is hereby amended as fol.lox•s: <br />"That portion cf the first gaga reading as fcl.l.or:s <br />"for duplex houses (tw2) units side by side), two flat--, <br />not over 2 stories in height;" is to be deleted and in <br />lieu thereof the following la.n-uage shall. appear: "fo. <br />multi -family dwellings such as duplex houses (two unite <br />side by side) town houses, row houses, apartments, two <br />flats, not over 2 stories in heiht." <br />"Section 200-H2, of the Suburban Building Officials <br />Building Code March 1964 Edition as adopted by the Villa,si <br />of Elk Grove, hereinafter referred to as S.B.O.C. <br />is hereby amended to read as follows: "In crawl spaces <br />(;round shall be covered with a vaoor barrier of mini„um <br />4 mil polyethal.ine film (or material of equal. perm ratin;-, <br />lapped 4 inches. Extend up foundation wall 6 incher4. <br />Two inches of concrete may be used in lieu of the vapor <br />barrier.” <br />