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ORD121ANCE NO. <br />AN OR D INANCE AM,= -.NG PROPERTY TO T'T 'w'"".LLArT OF <br />ELK GROVE VI- AG <br />_:. WHICH P:iOI',.'B.TY CONSIS'-S OF 41.20 <br />ACRES IACATED NORTH OF THPi. CHICAGO DIST.ti!C'T PIFELTNH <br />COMPANY PROPERTY. <br />7FIERE"S, a w •A• , , F,, , <br />Village of Elk �rcva ._ �� C,)„ ac Trustee under <br />Trust #46221,being the sole owners of record ofthehoreinafter described land <br />and territory, for annexation to the Village of Elk Crove Village, and <br />WHEREAS, said land and territory is not within the co_,orate limits of any <br />municipality but is contiguous to the Village of E'=_ Grove V:illa:-;e, and <br />WHEREAS, Mary Louise Leland, Ronald Oatis, orui Oatis end 3.. T. r!el.a.nd rxe <br />the sole electors residing thereon and have joined in said' ann-,-, <br />tion and have consented thereto, and <br />WHEREAS, said petition is under oath and in all respects complies wi.i;h the <br />requirements of the Statutes in such cases made and 1.rovidecl, and <br />WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees of the 1Tillagc of Elk Grove <br />Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, Illinois, hw-ca ex.mine:_ raid ratition <br />and believe it to be to the best interest of raid 'illa`e that said land and <br />territory be annexed thereto; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Fresh ^st rs.,.d Pc�.rd of ^x^a. ,tee; of <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of G'co'c ar_d I1l.i,10is: <br />Section 1. That all land and territor;r c.eEcribed in sedd petition to wit: <br />The West half of the northwest Quarter (execrt. tb�c K: rth 1?30.0 <br />feet, as measured on the East and West lines .,hereof, and except <br />the South 82 feet thereof) of Section ^5, Tc-anship 41 :;orth, <br />Range 10, East of the Third Pri*:cipal r'eri.dicn, '.n Cook Coi-ty, <br />Illinois. <br />ALSO <br />The West 50 links of the East half c: the Northwest Quarter <br />(except the North 1280.0 feet, as measured on the East and West <br />lines thereof., and except the South 8?2 f et t'.iereof) of Section <br />25, Township 41 North, Range 10, East of the Third Principal <br />Meridian, in Cook County, Illinois. <br />which territory is contiguous to the Village of Elk Grove Village, is not within <br />the limits of any municipality, contains electors who have joined in said petition <br />and is not presently in any incorporat-�d r=ic'_pa-ity, be and the same is hereby <br />annexed to the Village of Elk Grove Village so that hereafter said territory shall <br />be included within the boundary lines and limits of said Village, as is by law in <br />such case made and provided. <br />Section 2. That the Village Clerk of the Village of Elk Grove Village is <br />hereby directed to record a certified copy of this ordinance together with an <br />accurate plat of said territory with the Recorder of Deeds of Cook County, <br />Illinois. <br />-1- Ord. i¢ J <br />