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ORDINANCE NO.. 336 <br />AN ORDINANCE LICENSING BARBERS AND BARBER SHOPS <br />NOW, THERFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, Illinois: <br />Section 1. That Chapter 22 of the Municipal Code of Elk Grove Village <br />is hereby amended by adding thereto the following: <br />:s• a :�• •• <br />Section 22.1701 - DEFINITION. A barber shop is defined to mean <br />any building, room, place or establishment wherein the occupation is carried <br />on of shaving or trimming the beard or cutting and dressing the hair of <br />patrons for a consideration. The term shall also include a tonsorial parlor <br />and barber school. <br />Section 22.1702 - LICENSE REQUIRED. No person shall establish, <br />maintain or operate a barber shop without first having obtained a license <br />therefor. <br />Section 22.1703 - APPLICATION. An application for said license <br />shall be made in conformity with the general requirements of this code re- <br />lating to applications for licenses. In addition, the applicant shall state <br />the location of the proposed premises, the number of barber chairs used <br />or installed, and the space to be occupied for barbering, washrooms and <br />office. Such application shall be investigated by the building inspector <br />and the health officer to determine whether the provisions of this chapter and <br />the applicable provisions of this code are being complied with. <br />Section 22.1704 - LICENSE FEE. The annual fee shall be based <br />on the number of barber chairs used in the licensed premises, and is here- <br />by fixed at $5.00 per chair. <br />Section 22.1705 - PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES. It shall be the duty <br />of every person licensed to conduct a barber shop to at all times keep the <br />licensed premises in a clean and properly sanitary condition. All necessary <br />measures shall be taken to properly safeguard the life and health of patrons <br />and all persons engaged therein against communicable and contagious diseases. <br />No person shall be permitted to be employed or engaged in the shaving, hair- <br />cutting or other tonsorial work on patrons who shall be afflicted with any <br />communicable or contagious disease. <br />Section 22.1706 - SANITARY REQUIREMENTS. It shall be the duty <br />of the licensee at all times to keep the licensed premises in a clean and <br />proper sanitary condition. All persons employed or working in the licensed <br />premises as barbers shall keep themselves and their clothing clean, and <br />shall be required to wash their hands immediately before serving a customer. <br />All towels and crash cloths shall be washed with soap and water and boiled <br />before being used. All receptacles, finger bowls, utensils, vessels and <br />appliances shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. Separate <br />