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persocLnel to fight any fire or to meet any emergency -ithir <br />its o:,Tr boundaries ihat may reasonably* be anticipated. <br />SECTION FOPS: THE E'XISr' INr. TANTATTV ' ?41TUAL FIRE AID PPOf' l:A r <br />Subiect to the approval of the resp-ctive corporate ait`;, 'ties, <br />a tc-ntative"Mutual Fire V, Prograca" conforming to the prrv'sions <br />of the Section 'Thz•ee ebov3, h,as been agreed to by trio Chiefs of the <br />Fire Departments of the Cities or Villabes of Mt. Prospect, Elk <br />Grove Village, Arlington Heights, Ro111nE Meadows, Palatine and <br />Hoffrian Estates. This tentative Mutual Fire Aid Program is set forth <br />it a chart on file in the office of the Clerk of thi: Village and <br />is subject to change or abrogation b;; action of the Ohief of ;he <br />Fire Dc-partment pursuant to Section 9'1)ree thereof. Unless and until <br />so changed or abrogated, the tentative Mutual Fire Aid Program as <br />set forth in said chart is ratified as a binding agreeemant <br />between this Vtila,c. arca all other mun_rioalities who zhall ha.e <br />auopto,i said program and shall. have assum d the oblilattens therebJ ., <br />imposed unon them. <br />SECTION FIVE: TY_E OeLI ,A'i ICN c A' "',IE VILLAGE i,DER THE MOTUAL <br />t - A O ,APS? The Villap;e shall furnish fire fighting equipment and personnel <br />for use outside its bo-:ndaries, ae provided in the tentative TT-tual <br />Fire Aid Program referrFd to in Sect'on Four or in any Vut al Fire <br />Aid ProL.ram agreed to as provided in Section Three, to an,,F munici- <br />oality that has agreed to conform to said Program and has ascL[red <br />the obligations imposed upon ?t t-ereb)y, <br />SECT ^F SIX : Notice of the passage of this ordinenc_ shall be <br />-` en to all municipalities name' in the tentative jr;-,ltual _Fire Aid <br />Prof, -ran raferrcd to in Section Four above. <br />SECTION SEVEN: This ordinance shall be n full fcir.e and effect from <br />and after its passage and approval in the mAnner p-cvided laT•:. <br />AYES: Trustees Dillon, Keith, Pahl, Smith, Young, Zettek. <br />NAYS: None. <br />PASSED AND APP-OVED THIS 4th day cf April, 1963. <br />1 l <br />V1,1P ,e President <br />ATTEST: <br />O _a¢e' Ierc <br />