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ORDINANCE NO. 158 <br />AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR RESIDENTIAL AND COI-kYRCIAL <br />WIRING AMENDING SECTION 2 OF ORDINANCE NO. 39 <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village has heretofore passed and <br />approved Ordinance No. 39, Section 2, which in part adopts the National Elec- <br />trical Code and its provisions as controlling the electrical wiring of build- <br />ings and structures contained within its corporate limits; and <br />WHEREAS, the Electrical Commission has recommenddd that Section 2 of <br />Ordinance No. 39 be amended as hereinafter set forth; and <br />WHEREAS, the President and the Board of Trustees cf the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village believe it to be to the best interests of said Village that the <br />following provisions be adopted; <br />NO'W, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinois: <br />ARTICLE I. RESIDENTIAL WIRING <br />Section 1 All wiring changes or additions to electrical systems in <br />residences previously constructed should be of rigid or electrical metallic <br />tubing where possible and all basements should be in conduit. <br />(a) Where necessary to fish through existing partition, BX or flexible <br />conduit may be used; not to exceed three (3) feet beyond said partition. <br />(b) Where a question as to methods or materials used, the ruling of the <br />Chief Electrical Inspector shall govern. <br />Section 2 All wiring systems installed in new residences shall be in- <br />stalled in approved conduit as outlined in the following sections. <br />(a) Junction boxes may not be installed in inaccessible or concealed <br />locations. <br />(b) Said conduits to be installed on what is known as the "loop system" <br />and shall be complete between the approved outlets, having mot more than <br />four (4) right angle or equivalent bends including those at the outlet. <br />Section 3 All service entrance conductors shall be installed in one <br />and one-quarter (14) inch conduit or larger if required. All new services <br />must be in rigid metal conduit, or thin wall with 100 ampere main switch or <br />larger if required. <br />(a) Underground services should be installed as approved by the local <br />public utility rules, as filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission and must <br />be of at least two (2) No. 2 gauge wires and one (1) No. 4 wire for neutral <br />conductor. Type RW TW wire may be installed in any conduit. For direct <br />burial, wire approved for that use must be installed. <br />(b) There shall be no splices in any wire approved for direct burial. <br />(c) Connections between outside meter fittings and inside service con- <br />necting device must be run in outside of building as much as possible or be <br />installed in conduit without the use of concealed fittings. <br />(d) Service entrance conductors for single family to be not lass than <br />two (2) No. 3-B & S gauge and one (1) No. 4-B & S gauge wire approved for use. <br />Section 4 In all cases service entrance conductors must be adequate <br />for the connected load. <br />Section 5 Grounding for combination systems and equipment, grounding <br />to be done with No. 4-B & S gauge, copper or equivalent -current -carrying <br />capacity; wire run directly from neutral in service disconnecting or distri- <br />bution box to the street side of the water shut-uff valve, where said valve <br />is inside of the building. <br />(a) In all basementless homes of slab or other construction, entry of <br />water service or shut-off valve shall be the location of ground locations. <br />(b) On approved two -jaw type, one ground clamp of metal similar to <br />that attached shall be used. <br />(c) Said ground wire must be installed under basement concrete floor. <br />(d) Ground wire may be solid, stranded, bare, insulated or of weather- <br />proof type No. 4. <br />(e) Electrical ranges may be grounded to the neutral conductor. No <br />other cabinet or appliance can be grounded to the neutral conductor. <br />(f) Bare neutral can be used only on service entrance as far as supply <br />disconnect device. <br />-1- #158 <br />