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_ A`1'TC;'; Alli i'LA`t(:ROLT`D nUli.D <br />ti-(: Villa,<e of _,'L, (;rove V_Lllar,e dia. on April <br />16, 1')cl 1 01 an elcecticn ()n tpropcsi.tion: <br />drove Villai,e es— <br />tu a-,-.0 conduct a supervised <br />ana recreation system for a period <br />cor,mienclng April 18, 1961 and <br />ending April IL, lyu3, provided no special <br />ta- si:all be l _ -od for said purpose"?, and <br />tine ;najority of the voters in. said election <br />d1�1 :iel� tine eanv�s:, 6 vutiod in f<.vor tf said ;ropositlon, and <br />and 1; -d of Trustees, in order <br />to better _ustrtm,r;n.t sle{ rccrration and playground syste.�t, be- <br />,7_icve it cc ue to 't1ae nest interests of the Village of EEL: Crove <br />'11Ila , tij:z ; a Playground and Y.ocreation Poard )e established; <br />tlio L'res.ldent and <br />,_card l'r, tees of the `Mla«,e of ?;,11, (grove Villar -,e, Coolf <br />^e^tion 1. Y,aL tlic2'e be and is hereby established. a <br />;e;crc�,tion oua:d, <br />this 1'.oard to consist of five (5) <br />rs�,� ,rico cia7_'L be appointed by the President with the consent <br />of the ot�rd of :_'rustees, tLoir term of office skial.l be for five <br />(':I) ;rears from tLe ;tate of apj.:uin'U!:o.nt or until their siiccE:asors <br />are appointed and qualified, e:;cept t -1 -at Lic:_t:bers of such ,,pard <br />first al:i;cinted shall be appointed for such terms that the term <br />CA, one r n :,'r.a�l er;03re thorcafter, CVIil'�D, 0 11 Si, <br />t ,n_t !ivt gist-- <br />Ii, t11^ ui�J_narcc si,all be deemed to contravene or <br />1Provisiotis cositaincd in the proposition submitted <br />to ci,e vocc_°s; a:;.ct in the, event said Playground and 8ecrea- <br />tion z stei,. '_s not authorized for an additional period of time <br />as provided uj, o1_e proposition that the authority of said f;oard <br />stall terminate April lb, 19x;3. 'Io r�zem.ber of said :card shall <br />receive comz;ensation for services rendered. <br />Section 2. !'he _oard shall 'oe responsible for the <br />�'l,A � ,�u.lation oS all pclj o,,°, r^ arta res;i:l.ations rolating, to the <br />ads i,iistration of a plavl;rotimcl and recreation prot;ran., and si,..all <br />ae: , 5t tl c �resldcnt a... _.oa.,a of '�'rustees in the administration <br />cf public_ parrs. Said policies, rules and regulations shall be- <br />co,ne cf"cctive upon trei.r approval by the President and lioarc, of <br />Section 3. Irr,nediately after the 30ardts appoin't-,nent, <br />it shall 1:ieot and organize anc, elect one of its me7.bers as chair - <br />r -an, ar.d oris, of its members a. secretary. <br />;sect.ion iii_. Tl�e Pla-yground and Recreation Board shall <br />provide, conduct and supervise public playground, athletic, fields, <br />recrr.ation centers a; -id otllcr recreation facilities and. activities <br />d <br />