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ORDINANCE NO. 173 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 22.903 ARTICIE IX PEDDLERS CHAPTER 22 OF THE <br />MUNICIPAL CODE CF ELK GROVE Vn"Q ECFV 661 _ <br />NON, THEREPOUa BE IT ORDAISED by the President and Boardzt T4ruptseg egUn <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinoisa <br />SgCTj= 1. That SaCtioD 22.907 BEE, be ameadcd to read ag XG11P%bs <br />Section 22.9A3 FEE. The fee for such license shall be for <br />peddlers using a vehicle $75.00 for each such vehicle for an <br />annual license. For peddlers not using any vehicle the fee <br />shall be $2$.00 for an annual license. <br />SECTIOW 2. That all ordinances heretofore passed in conflict with the abM <br />opted.amendment are hereby repealed. <br />SECTION 3. The aforegoing amendment shall be in full force and effect lVen <br />its passage, approval and publication according to law. <br />PAMD AND APPROVED this 26th day of June , 1961. <br />Attest: <br />s/ Eleanor 0. Turner <br />of air geek <br />s/ James R. Gibson <br />Pres em <br />PUBLISHED this 29th day of June , 194 <br />in the Elk Grove Herald. <br />