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OrdLumos &ivo 10 <br />AFT ORDIMUS relating to local Civil <br />Defet&ee. <br />(Frq_wmx1 by the alliaacoie Noxiaipal <br />Loa ) <br />FA IT 0=19D 2T THE PRESZIA4 Y An ROdRD OF TIWS7E9S OF 'IF11 <br />VILLAGE Or R2,N GROW VINTAGE, COON CUR -Na 1113MOIS TH08 <br />CT9 ION to Thowa Is her+a'jy created the lorml <br />aaauieipe.l civil def®nsa organization to aareven.t, mml mica, repa 1pQ axe <br />alleviate injury or damage rmiralt9ng from disaster caused by enew attach., <br />sabotage, or otbar hostile action$ or 'atom mataral disaster. Ia racoor(?,aans <br />:with '"Thee Illinois Civil Defines Hutt of 19)1,4 as amended. <br />This oivl defense organisation, shall consist of the dirsotor =41 addi- <br />tional members to be selected. by the direoter. <br />SECTION 2. (Direotor) The director of the mmioipal civil, <br />defense or asi on shall be appointed by the Dves2desat and toezd ek. <br />trustees and shall serve until rosavad by same. <br />The director shall have direct rosponelbilSty foe, this orgrmniaatiozN, <br />administration, training, and operst ion. of the civil defsxae em;pmi ;.— <br />t1oap subject to the direction Bad control of the president, ae pyo*eaf:FA <br />bq statute. <br />8n the event of the absence, resiA,=tirn, death. or inabill-%y to zewNv <br />of the director, the village pbouldent or azp pox -son desi,, netcd by Uor <br />shall be and act me director natil a now appointment is Axado as pror'idse-, <br />In this ordingn000 <br />. ( ctions) Tbaa omiaripal 01-011 defeaoe oreaaAit aaiazsa. <br />oball paafa - sac civil defense fmcticas witidn the mmicipCality as <br />shall be prescribed In and 17 the state Civil Defense Plaza aoei programs <br />prepared ay the Governor, and rxoh orders,, rules and regalatioas an LW <br />be prom I ated bg the Governor, and is ad(Utloa shall perform erecta dutlos <br />outside the corporate limits as mV be recrwred pursuant to ,ray Mutual <br />Aid agreement with any other political wabdivizmonm munioipaallty or <br />gaasi-wmlelpal+ty catered into as by the clllirzolis Civil les ensu: <br />Act of 195100 as amended. <br />sCTIOffi_R (Service az tiob3le 4vxt Tom) dli or r esu <br />of the mmaaioipal civil defease orgaa'.aat2canany is designated >a,, rKmUre <br />of a Mobile Support Team created by the state director of elvil deivn <br />as provided by law. <br />The leader of such Mobile Support `a:aau Baal bss designated by the dlrs,;voi <br />of the municipal civil defense osg aiowsmion. <br />Away mazbar of a mobile sport team Im a =L*kpal emplojere or offZoow <br />which serving on call to d%tg by the Governor, or the state dlreotob o' <br />civil defense. atavll recalva the compensation and have the powers, <br />rights, and inennnitiea incident to arach mplownent or affi :co Agv auvh <br />member who is not a paid offieur or-aaplo7ss o,! the amicipality, 441's <br />so serving;. sb?l roce"Vo fray the stats ; son:�0le eciapsnuatloa a,a Pro- <br />vided by lawn <br />StOTION r1., (iAgt scan£o with othew political. subdivisions) T <br />of the <br />direotor civil defense organt.eagion nasal negotiate Ftartua3l Ald akooc- <br />meats with other municipal corporations or political subdivisions of kw <br />state. but no such agreement shall be cZfeuotice until It has been <ppxuuvst. <br />by the board of tsetses and 'by the state director of civil defense. <br />-1- <br />