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Ordinance No. 104 <br />AN ORDINANCE making appropriations <br />to defray the expenses of the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village for municipal purposes <br />designated as the "ANNUAL APPROPRI- <br />ATION BILL" for the period beginning <br />May 1, 1959 and ending April 30, 1960, <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br />OF THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE, COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS. <br />SECTION 1. That this ordinance shall be termed and designated as <br />the "ANNUAL APPROPRIATION BILL" for the period beginning May 1, 1959 <br />and ending April 30, 1960, <br />SECTION 2. That the following sums or so much thereof as may be <br />authorized by law, be and the same are hereby appropriated for the fiscal <br />year beginning May 1, 1959 and ending April 30, 1960, to the several muni- <br />cipal objects and purposes as follows: <br />ARTICLE I. - GENERAL CORPORATE PURPOSES <br />Section 1. General Government Department Appropriation <br />100 <br />Salary of Treasurer <br />$ 300.00 <br />101 <br />Clerical Help <br />3,000.00 <br />102 <br />Office Supplies <br />750.00 <br />103 <br />Telephone and Telegraph <br />1, 000. 00 <br />104 <br />Rental of Village offices <br />3,000.00 <br />105 <br />Janitor Service - Village offices <br />3,000.00 <br />106 <br />Expenses of Officials <br />1,500.00 <br />107 <br />Election expenses <br />500.00 <br />108 <br />Plan Commission <br />50.00 <br />109 <br />Engineering fees <br />3,000.00 <br />110 <br />Revision of Village map and atlas <br />500.00 <br />111 <br />Premium for surety bonds of officials <br />100.00 <br />112 <br />Publication of ordinances <br />11000.00 <br />113 <br />Attorney fees <br />51000.00 <br />114 <br />Court Costs and witness fees <br />300.00 <br />115 <br />Social Security contributions <br />700.00 <br />116 <br />Fire Hydrant rental <br />4,000,00 <br />117 <br />Illinois Municipal League dues <br />138,00 <br />118 <br />Miscellaneous <br />2,000.00 <br />119 <br />Auditing Village Accounts <br />500.00 <br />$30,338.00 <br />