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Ordinaazce No. 107 <br />AN ORDINANCE amending the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village Zoning Ordinance with <br />respect to Industrial Classification. <br />WHEREAS, the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Village of Elk Grove <br />Village, sitting as a commisefion at a public meeting duly called and held <br />according to law, considered the question of classifying all that real estate <br />situated within the Village and zoned as "I" Industrial District„ under the <br />Elk Grove Village Zoning Ordinance No, ZO, to conform to the new class,*6- <br />cations of I'M -111 or I'M -211, in compliance with the provisions of Ordinance <br />No, 81 establishing new industrial districts; and,, <br />WHEREAS, the president and Board of Trustees having considered <br />the recommendation of said Zoning Board of Appeals find and believe that <br />the highest and beat use of the real estate heretofore classified as "d" <br />Industrial District, under the original ordinance, is that of I'M -Z" Heavy <br />Industrial District, under the amendment contained in Ordina,,ce No. 81,. <br />passed November 4, 1958; <br />NOW, THEREFORE„ BE IT ORDAINED BY THE PRESIDENT ANY, <br />BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE, <br />COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS: <br />SECTION 1. That an Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance to regulate <br />and limit the height and bulk of buildings; to regulate and limit the intensity <br />of the use of lot areas, and to regulate and determine the areas of open <br />spaces within and surrounding such buildings; to classify, regulate and re <br />strict the locatinn of trades end industries .and the {ccat?on of builda;aies <br />designed for specified iudust:zial, business„ residential and other uses to <br />divide the entire Village of Elk Grove Village into districts for the purpo". <br />of this ordinance; to fix standards to which buildings or structures shall <br />conform; to prohibit uses„ buildings or structures incompatible with the <br />character of such districts respectively; and to prevent additions to and <br />alterations or remodeling of existing buildings or structures in such a way <br />