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BE IT ORDAINED by th Pr( 7n, ..e :<: ,aod. Board of Trc-V(-es of the <br />urr„ . C,: <br />SECTION L. Cre,-tion.. Thee is oereby created a Police Depart - <br />went, an executive department of thr 1 illr,.ge, which shall consist of the <br />Village Marshall who eh:all be the Clie'' c4 police and ex -officio superinten- <br />dent of police, one (I► captain„ one (l) lieutenant, one (1) sergeant, five (5) <br />policemen, and such other mFambers as niaty be provided for from time to <br />time by iJ.e 1%esid.ent .and Bortrd of 5'rustees, <br />SECTION Z. Duties It shall be the duty of the members of the <br />Police Department to see to the enfo cem ant of all ordinances of the village,, <br />of all statutes effective in the village and :o preserve order and prevent <br />infractions of the law and to arrest -, io?at( rs thereof,. Every member of <br />the Police Department is hers>by dec-aged to be a conservator of the peace., <br />SECTION 3., Office of the Ckief C -eated. There is hereby created <br />the office of Police Chief. <br />SECT::ON 4. r'l.ppointmeate, The -!hief of police shell be appointed by <br />President, with the apprm� al of the f o�;rd of Trustees, All other appoint -- <br />menta to or sromoti.a;ns within the desa.rtx ient sh,l1 be made by the fire and <br />police commisraio:nerc as proviced b,, <br />SECTION 5„ Rant:,. Th:F- chie` of police shall be the head of the <br />depot-tmint end have eupervisio-a over �iU officers and members thereof. <br />Following him in rank sball be the c.- pt,aio , the lieutenant, .the sergeant <br />and policemen in order of seniority i -a --Ach group. <br />SECTION 6,. Duties of Chief, he Chief of Police shall be keeper <br />of the ;gill age jail, And shall hate,,1V of all persons incarcerated therein. <br />He shall keep suc%z records and rnaakc wacl reports concer>aing the activities <br />