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BE IT <br />ORDA :..0.`. <br />! <br />_.,.rix BOARDCW Tam.' . <br />O r <br />1 THE 'a LI'I,,, t?1? <br />01+' <br />:'3I'i' <br />GROVE <br />t''`:7 ` <br />r i <; <br />SECTION 1. it ssiall be unlawful. Tear any <br />or association, 43ot lncoYpCJ;P,ItC?d under ur}.hc, laws of the State o,,,j, <br />Illinois, to engage in 'tha Village, in Meeting fire insurance, <br />or V0 i:i'ei"Maoi a"! 6waiiiWOO vi 11.1'w ilxOuva"Ow !a tisW Villa6w, <br />while in default by not fully complying with any of the require- <br />mente of this Ordinance, and until such requirements shall have <br />been fully complied with; but this provision skull not relieve <br />any company, corporation or ass€ oiation from the payment of srny <br />risk that may be undertaken in violation of this Ordinance. <br />SECTION 2. Any such corporation, company or associatton <br />not incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois, which is <br />engaged in the Village in effecting fire insurance, shall pay the <br />Village Treasurer, for the maintenance, use: and benefit of the <br />Fire Department of the Village, a sum of money equal in amount to <br />two (2) per cent per annum of the gross receipts received as <br />premiums upon fire insurance policies by any and all agents of <br />such corporation, company, or association, during the year enc@lnE <br />on the first day of Auly in Fach year, for any insurance effect9& <br />or agreed to be affected can property located in the Village, by <br />or with such corporation, camps=any or asafs:a+;iation during such year, <br />SEPTION 3. We, -` xmvro r :".,s.jr y A" i;?1a? U111mge Ps r :Pr.^.:.. <br />for or on behalf of any such corporation, company or association, <br />shall, on or before the fifteenth day of July of each and every <br />year, render the Village Clerk a full, true and dust account verified <br />by his oath, of all premiums upon fire insurance policies which, <br />