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OciLlmr4CE NO. 1,37 <br />AA ORDINANC , rIAhIl4u APPROPRL�11014a TO Di;FriAY THF, h,7.YENSN. (F <br />THE VIL.AGL OF LLK GROV,. VII,LA(h, FOR MUNICIPAL PURPOSES <br />DESIGiATED AS T& "ANivUAi. APrROtRIATION ']IS1," FOR THE rERIOD <br />BEGINJ ING RAY 1, 1960 AND LNDINv AI'HIL 30, 1961 <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinois: <br />Section 1 That this ordinance shall be termed and designated as <br />the "Annual Appropriation Bill" for the period beginning Pray 1, 1960 and <br />ending April 30, 1961. <br />Section 2 That the follc„aing sums or so much thereof as may be <br />authorized by law be and the same are hereby ap,ropriated for the fiscal <br />year beginning May 1, 1960 and Hpril 0, lyel, to the several muni- <br />cipal <br />objects and purposes as follows: <br />Sec- <br />Appro- <br />tion <br />1 General Government Departmentrp <br />iatioa <br />100 <br />Salary of Trustees <br />it 4020.00 <br />101 <br />Salary of Village President <br />1,200.00 <br />102 <br />Salary of Treasurer <br />20000.00 <br />103 <br />Clerical Help <br />5,000.00 <br />loll <br />Office jupplles <br />750.00 <br />105 <br />Telephone and Telegraph <br />250.00 <br />106 <br />Rental of Village Offices <br />3,000.00 <br />107 <br />Janitor Service - Village Offices <br />1,000.00 <br />108 <br />Expenses of Officials <br />2,500.00 <br />109 <br />Election expenses <br />20000.00 <br />110 <br />Plan Commission <br />500.00 <br />111 <br />Engineering Fees <br />6,000.00 <br />112 <br />Revision of Village Maps and Atlas <br />1,500.00 <br />113 <br />Premium for Surety Bonds (Officials) <br />300.00 <br />114 <br />Publication of Ordinances <br />5,000.00 <br />115 <br />Attorney Fees <br />10,000.00 <br />116 <br />Court Costs and witness Fees <br />500.00 <br />117 <br />Social Security Contributions <br />1000.00 <br />118 <br />Illinois Municipal League Duee <br />250.00 <br />119 <br />Auditing Village Accounts <br />700.00 <br />120 <br />Zoning Board of Appeals <br />11000.00 <br />121 <br />Miscellaneous <br />5,000.00 <br />454,470.00 <br />Sec- <br />tion <br />2 Police Department <br />Appro- <br />priation <br />200 <br />Salary of Police Marshal <br />4 8,400.10 <br />201 <br />Salary of (12) Police Officers <br />72,000.00 <br />202 <br />Purchase of Squad Cars <br />6,500.00 <br />203 <br />Purchase of Equipment <br />5,000.00 <br />204 <br />Gasoline, Oil, Tires and hepairs (Police Cars) <br />15,000.00 <br />205 <br />Liability insurance to Protect Village Against <br />Obligations to Police Officers <br />500.00 <br />206 <br />Public Liability Insurance <br />500.00 <br />207 <br />Medical Insurance for Police Officers <br />1,000.00 <br />208 <br />Life Insurance for Police Officers <br />3,000.00 <br />209 <br />Office Supplies <br />12000.00 <br />210 <br />Telephone and Telegraph <br />2,000.00 <br />211 <br />Maintenance of Radios <br />1,000.00 <br />0137 <br />