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ORDINANCE Nw 142 <br />AN ORDINANCE ANNELING CERTAIN LAND SITUATED ALONG DEVON <br />AVENUE BETWEEN STATE ROUTE 83 ON THE WEST AND ELMHURST <br />ROAD ON THE EAST AND CERTAIN LAND LYING SOUTH OF HIGGINS <br />ROAD AND BGBDERING PRESENT VILLAGE LLMTTS aN THE <br />WEST AND SOUTH <br />WHERFeS, a written petition has been filed with the Village Clark <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinois, by Chicago Title <br />and Trust Company as trustee,under Trust No. 38909, being the 8010 owner of <br />record of the hereinafter described land and territory for annexation to the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, and the sole electors residing thereon; and, <br />WHEREAS, said land and territory is not within the corporate <br />limits of any municipality but is contiguous to the Village of Elk Grove <br />Village, is inhabited and has six electors residing thereon who joined in <br />said petitions ands <br />WHEREAS, the said petition is under oath and in all respects com— <br />plies with the requirements of the statute in such case made and providsds <br />and, <br />WHEREASj the President and Board of Trustees of this Village have <br />examined said petitioh and have considered. the question of the annexation <br />of the territory described in said petition and believe it to be to the beat <br />interests of the municipality that such territory be annexed thereto, <br />NOW, THEHEFCRE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of <br />Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Villages Cook County, Illinoiss <br />Section 1 That the lands and territory described in said peti— <br />tion, towit: <br />That part of the Southeast quarter of Section 26s Township 41 Borth, <br />Range ll East of the Third Principal Meridian described as follows: <br />beginning at a post South 89 degrees West and a distance of 4.93 chains <br />from the Southeast corner of said Section; thence South 89 degrees West <br />10.50 chains; thence North 42 degrees East 7.87 chains thence South <br />44J degrees East 7.84 chain to the place of beglnni gi ALSO <br />The Northeast quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 35, Township <br />41 North, Range 11 East of the Third Principal Meridian (except that <br />part thereof lying Northeasterly of road, also except that part thereof <br />described as follows: beginning on the East line of said Section 35, <br />at a point of intersection of Higgins Road and Elmhurst Road, so called; <br />theme in a Northwesterly direction along the center of said Higgins <br />Road 303 feet and 5 3/4 inches to a point in the center of said Roads <br />theme at right angles in a Southwesterly direction from center of said <br />Higgins Road, a distance of 184 feet to a stake; thence at right angles <br />in a Southeasterly direction from said last mentioned line and parallel <br />with center of Higgins Road, 127 feet and 5} inches to a stake 254 feet <br />and 41 inches West of center of said Elmhurst Road; thence South on a <br />line parallel to center of said Elmhurst Road 837 feet and 72 inches to <br />a stake 172 feet and 7 inches North of South lite of said Northeast <br />quarter of Northeast quarter of said Section 35; thence East parallel <br />with said South line of said Northeast quarter of the Northeast quarter <br />of said Section 35, 254 feet and 41 inches, more or less to the middle <br />of Elmhurst Road, being also the Section line 827 feet and 4 inches, <br />more or lase, to the place of beginning), in the Township of Elk Groves <br />in Cook County, Illinois; ALSO <br />The North 60 feet of the South 714 feet of the East 254.35 feet of the <br />Northeast quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 351, Township 41 <br />Narths Range 11 East of the Th_Jtrd Principal Meridians Crsk County, <br />Illinois; ALSO <br />The loutheast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 35, Township <br />41 North, Range 11 east of the Third Principal Merioilans Cook County, <br />Illinois; ALSO <br />—1— #142 <br />-`d'!• ..rvwAa�' R%�8-Ji1[M'�4'[':t�gp.v,�IDwKiP.�F'K'N.�XAf.°M1 mvsw.,...�v..e .. _. <br />