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Ordinance No. 52 <br />AN ORDINANCE establishing a <br />Fire Department and defining <br />its powers and duties. <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinois: <br />Section 1. Establishment. There is hereby created and <br />established a fire department, consisting of a Chief, and such other <br />members of said Fire Department as may from time to time be appointed <br />by the President and Board of Trustees. <br />Section 2. Supervision over department.- equipmeut.The Fire <br />Chief shall have control, subject to the order and direction of the Village <br />President, of the Fire Department and all fire apparatus belonging to the <br />Village. Whenever any fire apparatus needs repairing said Fire Chief <br />will cause same to be done without delay. <br />Section 3. Command at fires. In case of fire, the Fire Chief <br />and his assistants shall rank in the order named and the officer of the <br />highest rank at the fire shall take command of the fire department, and <br />direct the management thereofbr the suppression of the fire, in the best <br />manner possible; and when it may be necessary for the protection of other <br />property and to prevent the spread of the conflagration, the officer in <br />command of the fire department may cause buildings to be moved, torn <br />down or destroyed in the best manner possible. <br />Section 4. Membership - organization. The Fire Department <br />may have any organization approved by the Board of Trustees, and may <br />hold meetings and engage in social activities with the approval of the board_ <br />The Secretary of the Fire Department, if any is elected, and appointed, <br />shall keep a record of all meetings and all activities of the Fire Department. <br />