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Ordira zce <br />AN ORDIPdANICE: Pertaining <br />to animals <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of EllIz Grove Village, Cook County„ Illinois - <br />ARTICLE 1. GENERAL PROV&SiCNS, <br />Section 1, Cruelty. No person shall cruelly trea'l anry rani-ona; <br />in the Village in any way; any person who inhumanely beats, overloads, <br />underfeeds or abassdons any ani rnals slzs%ll be deemed guilty of a violative. <br />of this section. <br />Section Z. Noises. A shall be unlawful, to harbor or keep any <br />animal which disturbs the peace by loud noises at any time of the day or <br />night, <br />Section to Dangerous aninalso It shall be unlawful to permit <br />any-44angerous or vicious animal of any kind to run at large in the village; <br />ex;:- bitions or parades of animals vAnc'.h arc ferae naturae in the eyes of <br />tine law may be conducted only upon securing, a permit from the village <br />boa-, 1L <br />Section 4> Strays, it shall. be unlawful to permit any cattle„ horse; <br />s°rriry sheep, goats or poultry to run at large in the village; any such <br />aningal running at Merge in any public place in the village shall bo impoua'nsie d <br />in tPP mavaer provided in the folloviing a'cticleo ,t slr ,U be, further unlawful <br />to picket or tie arty such animal izz rhm; stroe:-s of the village for the purpos.° <br />of gazing or feedintge <br />Sectior. 5e iCilRin dangerous a ninxaals, The members of the PolA",, <br />Department or any other person as the villagce are authorized to krill no..q <br />dangerous animal when it is necesua..ry .for the protection of any person or <br />property, <br />Sertioan 6. Diseased animals. No domestic animal afflicted wntl <br />a costa -pious Oioa ace or an isafectiaia las< s. se shall be allorned to ru'ia a),t <br />l<arce, or to ire expozed in any pabb b.!.:.: f wher:;b y tho health o; mean oz <br />beast may be affocted; nor shall st�ch;a;ed -missal be shipped o-, <br />removed from 'ihc` prernians of the O.'.r.^_:9r t?zs"cof except -undel tb4:. ,"t1aE':'.?" .'.'.I <br />of ti:e lleah ofs"icer.. <br />It is he-x,oby no .de the duty os azar: ire,-Jth officer to cu., e vk ;71, <br />dist'°. c 'Won o'.� as lky' :!.i.5:' --X qed aIk maI nCl - .:.0 la tre�r.trae at of dark( o-7i:C EA las C .i <br />ae $r, p":E=°JenL the, communication o ^?:C=:2Lx of eol,3t;�LgA4'n crr <br />;1A Gam. �m .i tl'1.4' State � N t h h .aS t:.k Y:i Cl`JC r?d to 4`:. <br />lection t„ Housing,, No person, Ciin?.Z e:. qure or ?Uo,,r :illy star tl''. <br />place, where any animal is or may G:; gcGpt to become ur_rlean' or �uzw�h.oln <br />some,, and it shall be w lawfO to %vt-,p any live, swine or pigs anywis»aw iQi <br />the village, <br />