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Ordinance No, <br />N ORDINANCE annexing land and <br />territory completely surrounded by <br />theVillage of El <br />Grove `v'illag;;; <br />WHEREAS, Section 7-11 of Chapter 23 of the Illinois Revised <br />Statutes, 1957 provides: <br />and, <br />'"Whenever any unincorporated territory` containing <br />sixty acres or less, is wholly ?sounded by one or <br />more municipalities or is wholly bounded by one or <br />more municipalities and a river or lake, such <br />territory may be annexed by any municipality by <br />which it is bounded in whole or in part, by the <br />passage of an ordinance to ti,,it effect. " <br />WHEREAS, the land and territory hereinafter described is <br />completely surrounded by the Village of Elk Grove Village; and <br />WHEREAS, it =will be for the best interests of the Village that <br />said territory be annexed thereto, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT OR.T.+.FlMED by the president and <br />Board of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County,lllinois; <br />Section 1. That the unincozporated territory described as follows° <br />Of the South two-thirds, as measured along the East and <br />West iines of that part of the Northwest Quarter of the <br />Northwest Quarter of Section 35, Township 41 North, <br />Range 11, East of the 'Third principal Meridian, lying <br />East of a Pane drawn from a paint in the North line of said <br />Section, 5. 15 chains East of the Northwest corner thereof, <br />to a point in the South line of said Quarter, Quarter Section, <br />5. 10 chains East of the Southwest corner thereof, also that <br />part of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of <br />said Section 35, lying; West of tho East line of 1lublman"s <br />Subdivision, being a Subdivision of mart of the Northwest <br />Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 35, aforesaid <br />in Cook County, Illinois <br />which unincorporated territory is completely surrounded by the Village <br />of Elk Grove Village and contains less than sixty acres to -wit; 28. 62 acres <br />be and the same is hereby annexed to the Village of Ells Grove Village <br />