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Ordinance No. 65 <br />AN ORDINANCE amending an ordinance <br />entitled "An Ordinance providing for fire <br />limits, and regulations governing the <br />construction, alteration, equipment„ use <br />or occupancy, flotation and maintenance <br />of buildings and dructures. (Ordinance No. 39) <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illinois; <br />Section 1. That an ordinance entitled "An Ordinance providing <br />for fire limits, and regulations governing the construction, alteration„ <br />equipment, use or occupancy, location and maintenance of buildings <br />and structures, (Ordinance No. 39) be and the same is hereby amended <br />by adding to the Basic Building Code, Article , 3A to read as follows: <br />ARTICLE 3A - SWIMMING POOLS. <br />Section 1. Compliance Required. Every private residential <br />swimming pool constructed, installed and maintained hereafter shall <br />comply with all applicable provisions of this code. <br />Section 2. Definition. The term "Private Residential Swimming <br />Pool" is hereby defined as a receptacle for water, or an artificial pool <br />of water having a depth at any point of more than two (2) feet, intended <br />for the purpose of immersion or partial immersion therein of humanbeings <br />and including all appurtenat equipment, constructed, installed and main- <br />tained in or above the ground outside of a building used for a single family <br />dwelling unit. Provided further, that such private residential swimming <br />pool is maintained by an individual primarily for the sole use of his <br />household and guests and not for the purpose of profit or in connection <br />with any business operated for profit. No out-of-doors swimming pool <br />intended for the use of members and their guests of a non-profit club or <br />organization, or limited to house residents of a multiple dwelling unit, <br />a block, subdivision, neighborhood, community or other specified area of <br />residence shall be permitted in a single family residence, duplex residence <br />or apartment district. <br />Section 3. Location. (a) Private residential swimming pools shall <br />be permitted in R-1, R-2 and R-3 Residential Zones only. (b) No portion <br />of a private residential swimming pool shall be located at a distance less <br />than eight (8) feet from any side or rear property line, or building line. <br />Pumps, filters and pool water disinfection equipment installations shall be <br />located at a distance not less than eight (8) feet from any side property <br />line. Pools and appurtenant equipment shall not be permitted in the side <br />yard between dwellings. <br />