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O.Tdinance No, <br />—s -- <br />AN ORDINANCE arnomlinz the <br />Village of Elk Grove vllij'a <br />:roxain; )Tdinamce. <br />malnums, the zcyaklg Boapd of Appeals of the 1111age of &S . <br />Grove ?"illage Sitting as 0. Ccin-ni.,3zion at a p7z"'Aic 'mnetiag C-alle"i, <br />and held according to law, con8ider,:O thqueft,tio-q of psoviding ior <br />industrial zoning, upon annexation of proporty hereinafter deocribed; amt <br />WHEREAS, the dent Board :)f 5%viati;.,eG having <br />the xeccxm:?"niandatimqr of said Zoninv - ,rd, of Lpp,--aL,, fad thr--t the hi3tho- A <br />and beqt moa of said pvoperny is for pvtr-poceu.' and ohould be <br />cAassified as Light Jr-alust,:io,I <br />NOW, THE'REFORE, BEI 010-1.'AIMED by the Preoi-,leat and <br />12-aard of. Trurtees of the Vi-IlF,.ge cI,',X'k Grove Gook County. <br />SECTION to 'Chat an orf).inazcc e-Aititled. "Ar Orelinanca to zejullatell <br />and limit tho heighf, and bulk of 3atal-16inga; to regulate and. lir;it the <br />of the uce of lot areas, and to regriato md Wermine the areas of opma <br />spaceo within and surrounSing armh 51hWinga; on) CO3SAY" reaulate and <br />restrict the lonation of F,, ad inizlw"ri' and". "Ile 1-c'C"aticon of <br />designed for Vecified zna--.d. ovkher nqcv� <br />to divide the entir'a Village 01 Magn into ma( tActo ior the twwy::"" <br />5; this ordinance; to Aix star-clardo V -which T"AlOngs or WAVOUVOS SAV <br />nanfo7m; to Aro-Mbit unto;. WMag2 nz -,,I..":33 <br />character of ouclh reaPOOSVOY; ent", -0 a6kelAic)an tie <br />altevatiom 07 remVeling of amd'SOUG builsinst OV structureb in emb a S4�y <br />as to avoid tha reatrictiano F.nd !awfull-) <br />and to provide penaMea Or violatitna nereof" pasoed and approved July <br />1957., llmmva au Ordinance No.. 20, aG i3 heFeb-,r ftlTth'W^r <br />