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ORDINANCE NO._L_ <br />AN ORDINANCE establishing an Electrical <br />Commission and defining the pourers and <br />duties for the nleax:+:saws thereof. <br />SECTION 1. CREATION. An Electrical Camr-nic4ion for the <br />Village of Elk Grovo Village is heroby carortod 7,e3dex• the C,% <br />an .Pct of General Aosemsly aff t<e State csf Illincir eaa:`itled '�R se8 <br />Cities and Villages ctB1,, e, ec;tive January 1„ 10,42,, ill,RT a -, Stats, <br />Chap. 24, Sec. 37-1 to 37®4„ <br />SECTION 2. A/dE14.613ERS ,Ps t3lPvi'I'i^,= . The said Electrzcr4.l <br />Commission shall consist of fi•,ra mes:::,berF3 a.tx follows, Th-- Scaparftrl,c:ra.rl;a::,s <br />of Electricity or the Chief Elece Tical. Insp:::e tear rf l:he municipality <br />shni.1 be a member and the Ch iE"z^.^ ;n ;'! the Cis.—, 13,rtaion, <br />a; -h --r f�sax rnezadYe;rO <br />,'jrmfii„G-'w2M,•,n 4?leatrit`van, one a ,•".0 an i3 spectic"7. lbi7•:i'cw-, <br />inaintaine' by the Fico ur_darvrr,',tern, if catch a xeprea saL'at'n,Fw ^envie? ss <br />in the V411a•ge„ and Y no such. reja : s eras :8i'c'e reoides in the W g,, ; <br />then the Chief of the :rite llepax'?.nxe--.:, ;, „? , rre a represe! tative ,f <br />electricity supply company, If then is no p,-7sracr. residing :.zs £day 1''i L -t; V <br />of Elk Grove Village tubo is sy:aali^is , sw1c=_:, any ore of these 3e ecrip'';ie r? <br />sorne other person mazy be appointed to 94l'+. t'ae-pos-`Mo s. <br />All members of the Electrical Cur_n._zncsien shall be appoiat�d by <br />the Village President with 072 „d:vkz *. and of tho Bossed of ` 'n..1 to ee <br />of the Village of Falk Grove "JM,, <br />four (4) <br />1lAe term of all zx exn3 sof t"sxa Cc,:>°r x. oaion shall be Yid[ <br />All w4cancies oe]F'iQYwftis., -a the ca,? -6e r,f rs ernbsrs of ouch <br /> be filled by appoin'tmant ioar tete x:m xw z-dar. o$ the eaaaexp rend tel am 5z'1 <br />same manner as the origir-al eappoinftren;; <br />All members and of iceE•s of said Ccmn-nnakall serve ,rlthcut <br />compensation. <br />