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Go <br />Ordinance No, _ 69 - <br />AN ORDINANCE amending section-, 7 and 17 <br />of A13'.C1G:Lk; SA of Urdinance No. :,`1 as <br />amended by Ordinance No. 65. <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees <br />of the '{Tillage of Elk Grose Village, Cook County„ Illinois: <br />Section 1, That sections '7 and 17 ARTICLE 3A of an ordinance <br />entitled "An Ordinance providing for fire limits.. and regulations <br />governing the construction, alteration., equipment, use or occupancy', <br />I <br />ocation and maintenance of buildings and structures.." <br />(Ordinance No. 39) as amended by Ordinance No. 65, are hereby <br />raaaiended to read as .foll.ows� <br />-it) erlioea 7 :,tr:ktc +at R ie, )ast and zn he -a "..hereof <br />"Prefabricated swimming pool;; shall be <br />constructed of any impervious material <br />designed to conform with all health and <br />safety requirements to be approved by <br />the Building Commissioner. <br />In section 17 strike out sub section (b) and in lieu thereof <br />add the following° <br />"b" No current carrying electrical <br />conductors shall cross private residential <br />swimming pool overhead. All underground <br />wiring must conform with the National <br />Electrical Code, " <br />Section k.. That this ordinance shall be in full force in <br />effect upon it; passage, approval and publication according to law. <br />PASSED; this 28th day of July 1958. <br />APPROVED this 28th day of July 1958.. <br />ATTEST-, <br />___ME garet C, Petrie <br />Village 'Clerk <br />Charles A. Hodlmair <br />President <br />The Elk Grove Herald <br />