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OrdS.a,waat TO, 2 <br />e:tiyao one Y.Luh' fwFsiL Y�iS,, <br />BE IT ORrAI E_7 3T •ice PIES1M9T AIM BO&O Of TRUS"Mi S <br />OY TZZ VIMAGE 07 ELK GP.OVE VILLAGE„ WOR OOUNTYS iiSea"'P..'OSSs <br />Selo Offlea created. There IS hareby created the office of <br />village Treasurer of the sdliugoo <br />Sec,�tion 2o Appointment; te=6 The Tillage Treasurer shell to <br />appointed by the President and Board of Trusteaso votLv joiat]gm for a <br />tors of two years and until his successor is app*imtod agad gualiflese <br />Bond. Wore entering upon the duties of his offieer <br />the VIJUgo Treasurer shall famish a bond candltioned as provided by <br />statists: In such Bos as shall be determined frau tiae to time by oxsllinanes <br />or ronlaticab of Liss board. <br />82911 <br />Oath. The Tillage TreXOMT Wall tatos the oath of <br />office presoribed by statateo <br />t on 5S 93POfficic Collector. The Treasurer so appointed <br />shall be Collector es.officio of time Tillage and sball pafarae such duties <br />as mW from tins to time be established by ordinances of this TiUm% <br />SoclUx 6. Sffeetive Dante. That this ordimanes sissll be in fvU <br />fords and offset forthwith upon Its passage and Mprovral, socordta6 to lawn <br />PASSED# this 10th day of Deamber, A.D. 19% <br />APPRO®EDs this 10th day of Deeeasbere A.D. 1"6 <br />@hsrles A. 80dlmair. Sr <br />Wiilrd-UT— <br />Xbrgaret C. Petrie <br />Tillage Cleft <br />