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grounds in the present or future corporate limits of said Village <br />for the water mains, service pipes, hydrants and other appliances and <br />fixtures for the conveying of water and distributing the same to the <br />said Village and the inhabitants thereof. All work done by said <br />Corporation in laying down new mains, service pipes, hydrants or <br />other appliances and fixtures and all repairing, replacing and re- <br />maing of water mains, service pipes, hydrants or other appliances and <br />f5_xtures shall be done in accordance with the provisions of any and <br />all general ordinances of said Village governing the excavation in <br />and repair of streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, bridges or other <br />public grounds of said Village. In case said Corp'bration refuses or <br />neglects to repair any such street, avenue, alley, sidewalk, <br />bridf,e or other public ground within a reasonable time after said <br />work is completed and notice in writing of such refusal or neglect <br />shall have been given by said Village to said Corporation, the Board <br />of Trustees of said Village may direct the necessary repairs thereof <br />to be made at the expense of said Corporation and said Corporation <br />shall be responsible for all damages sustained by any person or per- <br />sons by reason of such refusal or neglect on the part of said <br />Corporation. <br />Section 3. That there shall be no unnecessary or unrea- <br />sonable obstruction of the streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, <br />bridges or public grounds of the said Village by the said Corporation <br />in constructing the said water works and distribution system or in <br />placing, replacing, taking up or repairing any mains, service pipes, <br />hydrants or other structures or devices for the supply of water and <br />the said Corporation shall restore all paved or unpaved streets, <br />avenues, alleys and public grounds and all bridges and sidewalks as <br />soon es reasonably possible and as nearly as practicable to their <br />former condition and shall hold the said Village free and harmless <br />from any end all claims, demands, actions or causes of action arising <br />from the placing, replacing, taking up or repairing of such pipes, <br />-2- <br />