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Ordinance No. 9 <br />Aar ORDINSOICE ;tat"o-,Ading for the <br />Official F'l<aaa of tlar Vilh ge of Lik <br />Gxuve Vfllaaa. <br />3E IT 0siur"s.:tN ..Fb 13Y THE, PR&SIDENT AND BCdFa.FD OF <br />TRUSTEES Or '.0 IE VILI,: GE OF EMG GROVE Vli,LhGE, COOK <br />GWNTY, ILLIAGES: <br />Article I <br />The Village Plan. <br />Section 1. ta;.3aptii�ae of �'il?<agc: a�laaa> The comprehensive plass of <br />Thablic impraresnents loo'kkur; to the I.xeacent anal. future develop-rTmut of Vhe <br />i+iD.rgo of Elk Grove Village, which plan, has been prepared and raacoal�zzan�i,.::. <br />to thio Board of Truotees b'l, tLe Pl=ari Commiaoion for the Village of S.Ik <br />Grove Village, 'be- and is hereby adopted and made the OFFICIAL PLA. N <br />OF THE 4il..:seA.GF. OF ELK GROVE tri.l..,.;.1 GE, hereinafter designated as <br />the OFF•'iGiAL Pc'.iaM. <br />Section '?. `> dd OFFICIA.L R€.AN as hereby adopted included disci, <br />tieeogsaai:eess the follonAzyg objective.aa: <br />F Trot: That tht, chaa<'actei of "he 'Vi'_?age of Elk Grove Villi•{fir, a m-, <br />Aa envircnc --s esaenti Aly? rewideatial cozzmnunity be xnaintdiwyl I, ,ditb <br />Fsn::fl li-hlc anti%11 s3%EZ:Nl CI'.,.:;F:7 fid?'.°S C: F':1 }h.r Fritted in order to <br />a Isroper ha.ianc.e of�rare;'r' va..lcaatkgasa <br />i e-' ±..'d.,. ' 'hnt—. ; nr the T ram..t Qtm o1` �:hf, T3Wb3iC l'!C;2;tt'^„ .nafe. y and <br />ian,'n gox' t:he olf :?;.iL >'C?3.9'13?.4": and p zi ; t -blit' <br />nada for t bt' i>k2 U2'E?oC:.t r?5T1i:'C'. -Andprotection of P:a ok!-.rtv <br />valve°, all fii:xU "Q.- 'Ie elop4alf-mto in tko Village itad itu environs shall prov+.C"." <br />A� 7'I•>at adequate mrater oupply„ timniw y and drainage <br />be c mwtructed and -.mA ztained: <br />Z.. That highways ania streets be of adequate width and be, <br />so constructed and maintained as to avoid the creation <br />of hazardous •;onditaans: <br />