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BE IT ORDAINED BY THE PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF <br />TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE OF ELL{ GROVE VILI-AGE, COOK COUNTY, <br />ILLINOIS: <br />Section 1. That the lands and. territory described in said petiti;an <br />together with a portion of FdMins Road adjoining; thereto, to -wit: <br />That past of the Higgins Road Fight -o€ -way lying vvitla%r the <br />East 1103. 19 feet `ya s measured ai.::ng the N.,)rth lisle there -4) <br />of the West half of Sertio,a Z2, Township hip 1 North, Range 11 <br />East of the Third Principal Lvle:zidian,, alio that, pa::% of the <br />Southwe at Quarter of the Southeast Quan"er saad that <br />pG?"t ^=t <br />the Northwagt Quarter of the Southeast ilalas t r of s id <br />Section LL„ lying South G'f the Morth right-of—way l s:: zf <br />Liggins at.oad, all. in Cool. County, Illinois <br />which territory is coatiguous to 0 -he Ifillage of .E:'L- Gr. ove 'iitla e -,1- <br />embraced <br />. <br />e%XIOT'aL."P therein. i3'7 E"'tcG'it¢2:?.22Ci i40 (::lr,?2^.'h Y3r i3 residing <br />and is unincorporated, be and the sane is hereby axP.Iaex.erl `f, £P i3t€ <br />Elk Grove Village so that hereafter said territory shall be inclaaded wit'h'-, <br />the boundary lines and lin-ite of said Village as ?.:a by law in such ca::.a: rr,.,.,!': <br />and provided. <br />Section L. The Village Clerk os this Village is Thereby directn�! t: : <br />record a certified copy of tiaia ordinance:, a. sg tAhcr Vvi".11 c',a acrnuxate <br />of said anaesaed territory, vith the Recorder csr Deeds of Cools <br />1114noi s . <br />Section 3. That this ordinance nhall be i.I:i "'call fo:r,�e and affe.'t ;'r , <br />and after its passage and approval according to law. <br />P-&SSED: this loth day of July__,_._._._ 1 ° <br />.A�' kP ROVE - this 11th day <br />_okra... A.._HeII7 .__ <br />P::6 gident <br />AYES: 5 <br />NAYS- o <br />A.}3:sKNT : 1 <br />ATTEST - <br />Ma <br />gar—et o. <br />Village Clerk <br />