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-2- <br />alleys, <br />2- <br />alleys, avenues and other public places, and shall be erected under <br />the supervision of the Committee on Streets and Alleys of the Muni- <br />cipality, or such other duly authorized agent as th_e Board of <br />Trustees of the Municipality may from time to time designate. All <br />poles erected under this ordinance shall be not less than twenty-five <br />(25) feet in height, and shall be so located as not to injure un- <br />necessarily any drains, sewers, catch basins, water pipes, pavements, <br />or other like public improvements, but should any drain, sewer, catch <br />basin, water pipe, pavement or other like public improvement be in- <br />jured by such location, the Grantee shall forthwith repair the <br />damage caused by such injury to the satisfaction of the Committee <br />on Streets and Alleys of the Municipality, or such other duly author- <br />ized agent, and in default thereof the Municipality may repair such <br />damage and charge the cost thereof to, and collect the same from, <br />the Grantee. <br />Said Committee on Streets and Alleys, or such other duly <br />authorized agent, of the Municipality is hereby authorized and di- <br />rected to call upon the Grantee to, and the Grantee may of its own <br />accord, cause the trees growing upon or overhanging all of the <br />streets, alleys, avenues and other public places in the Municipality <br />upon which electric light or power lines are erected hereunder to be <br />trimmed from time to time in such manner that there shall be a proper <br />clearance between the nearest wires on said lines and any portion of <br />the trees. Said trees shall be so trimmed that none of the branches, <br />twigs or leaves of said trees shall come in contact with or in any- <br />wise interfere with the wires or other equipment upon said lines. <br />Said trees shall be trimmed under the supervision of said Committee <br />on Streets and Alleys, or such other duly authorized agent, of the <br />Municipality, by and at the expense of the Grantee. <br />